If you're getting started with content marketing, watch this webinar and learn: How to Suck Less at It.

Here’s the truth, the majority of marketers #fail at content marketing. Don’t believe us, 90% of Brands are “doing” content marketing, but their success rate is only about 30%. The overwhelming reason for their failure is a lousy content strategy.

You can do better, and our webinar teaches you how. Our webinar covers the “do’s” and “don’ts” of content marketing. Learn why content strategy the foundation of successful content marketing, and how content strategy is used to:

  1. Guide your business goals
  2. Reach your target audience
  3. Provide your consumers with the content they’re seeking and nurture them throughout their buying journey

So yes, we’ll teach you how to suck less at content marketing. Others might call it setting yourself up for content marketing success. Either way, we teach you what you need to know about to achieve results in this webinar.

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Kristin-Boeser-content-marketing-content-strategiest Kristin Boeser
Kristin is a Senior Content Strategist at Three Deep Marketing with 9 years of agency experience. Lover of color codes, memes & spreadsheets. Fueled by coffee & crazy love for her hubs, mini-me toddler & feisty terrier. Also turkey & margaritas. Not together.


Chrissi-Reimer-content-marketing-content-strategistChrissi Reimer
Chrissi is a Content Strategist at Three Deep Marketing. She has both in-house and agency SEO experience with a passion for great content. Other than content strategy, Chrissi serves as the Membership chair for the Minnesota Opera’s young professionals group, Tempo, and is co-director of the Ad2 Women’s Leadership Panel. She often Tweets about content and the Bachelor – you can follow her at @chrissireimer.