The Greatest/Worst Email Marketing Message I Have Ever Received

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Citrix Gets Email Marketing Right, Then Wrong

Last month I received a message from Citrix about the renewal of my GoToMyPC account.

After having success with GoToMeeting at Three Deep, I signed up for their GoToMyPC service in order to be able to remotely access my home computer while at work or traveling.

The service is very slick and easy to use, but I haven’t really used it nearly as much as I intended while signing up. In fact, I can’t remember the last time that I actually used the service.

When I received a renewal email from them last month mentioning about how I could save money, I was intrigued. Maybe I could actually save money on this service that I rarely use if I switch plans.

I was appreciative the gesture, but not really motivated to re-up for another year of the service at any price if I wasn’t going to use it.

GoToMyPC Email

That’s why I was stunned when I read down further in the email and noticed that if I did not log into my account in the next few weeks, they would cancel my account for me automatically!


While this may not sound convenient to some, I was amazed by the honesty deployed Citrix in this situation. They were more than willing to sacrifice their own revenue in order to make me happy. That is extremely rare these days.

Believe it or not, without this email, they would have likely had a sale from me for another year, because I keep GoToMyPC around simply as a safety net and a guard against the unknown. It appears that this is not necessary, because I should be able to renew my account quickly in the event that I need to access my PC while away from home.

How many companies have you ever seen do this?

It’s a rarity these days to see such refreshing honesty. The only other company that I have seen make this kind of concession to a customer is actually my colleagues at Three Deep. There have been times where we have sacrificed our own revenue in order to do the right thing for our clients. Citrix appears to be one of those companies as well.

Then They Went Back on Their Word

It didn’t take me long to get confused by the Citrix/GoToMyPC gang. The next day I received an email from them telling me that plan was going to renew on March 6th (the same day as before).

So what does that mean? Am I renewing or am I leaving?

GoToMyPC Second Email

It turns out that Citrix actually did renew my account for another year, in spite of their well crafted and thoughtful email the day before. So, I had to pay for another year of renewal for a service that I don’t use, even though their well crafted email said otherwise.

This is Much Worse Than No Email Marketing at All

I would argue that Citrix would have been much better off sending me no email at all. Not only have they given me false hope, their system flat out lied to me. They said if I do nothing, I will not be charged. Then they told me I would be charged the next day.

And charge they did.

What would you do in this situation? I actually started writing this blog post out of praise for Citrix, but now I am venting my frustration. Next step is emailing them a link to this article!

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  • Seth EveryMerchant

    This is such a crazy situation. I feel llike they were trying to be nice to the user (and the user’s bank account) but then they made you pay anyway… if you hadn’t signed in to the account from the second email’s instruction, I feel as though they should have cancelled your subscription for you automatically… but that wasn’t the case. Greed is an ugly color (green $$) in the corporate world. This is truly a very odd occurance.

  • Jeff Sauer

    Update: Citrix reached out to me after this email and gave a sincere apology for the inconvenience. They said I helped them identify an improvement in their email program and “made good” on my account.

    Thanks for listening Citrix and I really do still like the policy of pay only for what you use.

    • Joe Cotellese

      Was going to suggest that you email them directly. Glad to see that they took care of you.

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