I am writing this post on the second business day of the new year, and I'm already very excited to see what 2010 holds.  At Three Deep, we have already had two great accomplishments to start off the year:

Upgrading Our Website Design

Depending on who you ask, our old website design needed anywhere from a "cosmetic refresh" to a "complete overhaul" - for this design, we chose to go somewhere in between. We updated the layout to be wider (using the 960 grid system) and make the site less cramped.  We also softened some of the corners and made other tweaks in order to make the site look more inviting.

The major change on the site is that we improved the animation/offer area on the home page to better highlight the core services we offer. Rather than our old home page focus of lead generation (which is definitely part of our business, but not the only part of our business as the graphic implied), we decided to create a very SEO friendly carousel that showcases our core services and easily understandable to our visitors.  Using jQuery, we were able to animate the features area while still keeping it search friendly; it's amazing how well it works!

We had been talking about updating the site for months, and we finally put a date on when it needed to get done; January 1st.  We knew we had to get the site updated before January 4th, because we would be getting a lot of traffic from ...

Featured Story in Star Tribune Business Section

In late December, the partners at Three Deep sat down with a writer from the Star Tribune to tell the story of our company and how we have achieved our growth.  The story turned out great and captured our company vision very nicely!   Like any news story, there were a few facts that could have been more accurately stated, but the representation of our vision was great!

Several members of my friends and family saw the story and have been sending me notes of congratulations via email and Facebook, which is always a good feeling.  Since it's really hard to tell people what I actually do for a living, I can just point them to the article from now on.

For those of you who haven't read it, here is a link to the article: Agency maximizes click-ability

Here is our company profile on the Star Tribune website, which is already #7 on Google for our company name.

My Personal Goals for 2010

It's a little scary to publish my own goals on the Internet, but in the spirit of transparency, here are some things that I hope to achieve in 2010:

  • Land at least one speaking gig at a local conference or event
  • Compliment our GAAC status with a Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant (WOAC) certification
  • Conduct primary research with a client or trusted partner and have it published
  • Get Three Deep certified in all available areas of the Google Advertising Professionals Program
  • Continue to help Three Deep get more press. The Star Tribune feature was a great start... we need to keep up the momentum!
  • Become a Seminars for Success leader and be more active in the search marketing and web analytics community
  • Continue to innovate new ideas, techniques and services while staying on top of changes in the Interactive space
  • Rewrite the service descriptions on our website - In my opinion, these pages don't really give the depth into the services we offer or demonstrate our expertise as well as they should

Just for fun, here is a look at the evolution of our website since we were founded in 2003!

Three Deep's Layout - 2003 and 2004 Three Deep's Layout - 2003 and 2004

Three Deep's Old Layout (September 2009) Three Deep's Old Layout (September 2008)

Three Deep's Newest Layout - January of 2010 Three Deep's Newest Layout - January of 2010