Tips for Developing a Winning Dating Profile (or a Winning Content Strategy)

No one ever wants to admit it, but I am willing to confess, I spent approximately 3 months of my life exploring the wonderful (?) world of online dating. People order their groceries online for goodness sake, why not find a potential mate online. When I had decided to take the plunge, I picked out my sites of choice, filled out the appropriate forms, uploaded some flattering but realistic photos, and started browsing for dates. Turns out it absolutely was not for me, but I came out of the experience not only with a handful of life lessons, but also with a few marketing insights to boot.


Be Genuine, Take a Stance, but DON’T be Abrasive

Something that I always found interesting in the online-dating sphere was how people communicated their beliefs and values. If I am going to consider dating you, it is important that you have beliefs and values and feel empowered to share them, but you don’t have to be rude. (Unless you actually are a rude individual in which case you have some other issues to work out). I came across a lot of people who would express their beliefs followed by a rather strong ‘will not’ statement. This would immediately leave me with a negative impression of that person. I can respect a view or opinion that differs from mine if the person holding that view will in turn respect mine.

On that same page, when crafting your messaging, take a positive stance, but be respectful of others and try to avoid unnecessary negative language.


Be Unique & Stand Out

The sections of a profile that arguably have the greatest potential for capturing attention are the ‘about me’ and interests section. These sections have the potential to help differentiate each person and get the conversation started. Unfortunately, most of the profiles I witnessed were unbelievably similar. Turns out just about every guy is either very into sports or very outdoorsy. Additionally, every dude’s movie of choice is Shawshank Redemption. Profiles that featured unique content and were written in an engaging way with a clear voice were always the most memorable. These profiles typically resulted in taking some kind of next step.

The web is massive. Depending on your industry you are likely competing with a fleet of traditional and nontraditional competitors. It is not enough to be generic. Stand out from the noise. Take a risk or two, establish a voice, and provide unique and useful information.


Provide Quality, Clear, Accurate Imagery

Dating someone requires some level of attraction, right? Right. This is why photos are an important piece of the online dating game. There is nothing worse than a granulated selfie or a series of group photos that do not make it clear who the prospective date is. Also, I understand that you want to put your best face forward, but select a range of photos that provide an accurate idea of what you look like. The ultimate goal is to meet in person at some point; make sure your date will recognize you.

From a marketing perspective (particularly eCommerce) offer an array of high-quality images to give users a clear idea of what they can expect. Imagery should be compelling enough to engage the user as well as accurate to set proper expectations. Avoid clutter in imagery to help the user focus on the desired content.


Understand the Conversion Cycle and Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

Depending on the website you’ve decided to engage with, there is a unique conversion cycle (a conversion being a date in this case) that you should understand before engaging with other people. One of my least favorite occurrences was when I would get an initial message from someone that was asking me out on a date. (Not to mention most of these seemed very generic and were likely mass messages). While the ideal conversion is an offline meeting in person, there is a relatively well-accepted path that should be followed prior to that meeting. You start with the generic awareness of viewing a profile, perhaps you wink or star or swipe, then you engage a little in conversation, perhaps you then talk on the phone, finally you might set up an in-person meeting if you’ve decided this might be the right fit.

Sound applicable in the online world? We’ve all received irrelevant, generic emails or have been bombarded with buttons pushing the wrong conversion at the wrong time. If you want to convert your target customers, understand their needs and understand the steps they take before converting. Once you understand their process you’re able to better meet their needs and nurture them at each step. This process can help to better qualify your prospects as well. The more relevant your prospects, the more satisfied they’ll be with your service or offering.


Be genuine, be interesting, and don’t forget the flowers!

Whether you’re a person looking to convert a prospect into a date or a business looking to convert a prospect into a customer, similar principles apply across the board.  When you take your audience into consideration and work to provide a quality experience you will stand out from the crowd and gain higher quality prospects. Treat your customer like you want to ask them out on a date. The more time you take to get to know them the more time they’ll take to get to know you. Good luck!