6 Shocking New Features for Google AdWords

The Search Marketer Expo (SMX) was in Seattle earlier this week drawing PPC, SEM and digital marketers from around the nation. WordStream’s Margot da Cuhna was one of them. She blogged about what was revealed about the future of Google AdWords. Don’t miss the 6 shocking trends that will shape your PPC and SEM campaigns in the future.


The New Realities of Retail: 3 Things Marketers Should Know

The relationship between digital and local stores is changing, says Think with Google. This week they identified three new realities of retail: digital drives in-store traffic; smartphones are in-store shopping assistants and varied shopping habits call for a holistic approach to measuring retail success. These new realities will require retailers to worry less about where a sale happens and focus more on helping shoppers convert. Some brands, such as Macy's, REI and Sephora, are already doing so. Find out how.


Web Design is a Dying Breed

The World Wide Web is changing and so is the technology used to create it. UX Magazine points out how increases in high quality templates, mature design platforms, marketing automation programs and mobile technology are signaling the end of web design as we know it. Read the 5 symptoms showing why web design is dying and see why UX is on the rise.


Increase Your Organic Website Traffic – Free SEO 101 Webinar

They say the key to a successful business is location-location-location. In the world of digital marketing, the best location is on the first page of the Google search results. So, is your website set-up with this prime real estate in mind? See how you can increase your organic traffic results in our upcoming SEO 101 Webinar.


Winning the Social Sharing Race

The world of online publishing has become a crowded space. Everyone from the random basement blogger to large publications like the New York Times are competing for readers. The key to being successful in this competition is having your content shared online. So who is winning the social sharing race? Some of the websites on Buzzsumo’s list might surprise you.


Content Marketing… Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Striking the perfect balance of content for your marketing calendar can be a challenge. The good news, it’s okay to repurpose your previous content. Repurposing allows you to create less content and spend more time promoting it. This can add value to your past content and provide additional opportunities to share what you’ve created across multiple platforms, potentially engaging new audiences. Here are some tips on how to get more out of your current content.


33% of Emails are Opened Purely Based on Subject Line

There’s an old expression, “I would have written you a shorter letter, but I didn’t have time.” If you’re in email marketing you might be familiar with the struggles of condensing an important topic into only 4–7 words. There are a handful of subject line pitfalls that can reduce email open rates, and character count is only one of them. Check out the complete list here.