Last week Three Deep's Paid Search Team attended the Advanced Adwords Seminar in Minneapolis. Brandon, Jarad and I joined search marketing professionals from around the Twin Cities as seminar leader, Brad Geddes, led discussions around a variety of advanced AdWords topics such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Creating compelling ad copy
  • Best practices for landing pages
  • Increasing PPC traffic through dynamic keyword insertion
  • Increasing quality score
  • Conversion optimization
  • Google analytics reporting

Day 1: Advanced Account Optimization

The first day we focused on best practices, tips, and techniques for improving an account’s overall performance.

Key takeaways from the first day included:

  • Don’t perform long-tail keyword research until you know the specific keywords that convert. First, find the keywords that convert, then increase your keyword list by building around those keyword converting themes.
  • Depending on which phase of the buying cycle the searcher is in, ad copy should emphasize features and or benefits.
    • Awareness Stage – Talk about benefits
    • Interest Stage – Talk about benefits
    • Learning Stage – Talk about features & benefits
    • Shopping Stage – Talk about features
    • Buying Stage – Talk about benefits
  • Studies have shown that people look at the different parts of an ad in this order:
    1. Headline
    2. Display URL
    3. Line 1
    4. Line 2
  • CTR is the #1 criteria for increasing quality score.
  • Only exact match keywords are used to determine quality score.
  • Keyword stuffing a landing page will not necessarily help to increase your quality score.
  • Ad Group quality score only exists for display network, not on the search network.

Day 2: Advanced Conversion Optimization

The second day we focused on increasing conversions and profits in an account through advanced conversion optimization. Key takeaways from this day include:

  • To determine a visitor’s lifetime value, try running a campaign that has a short term negative ROI, but a positive lifetime ROI.
  • Test. Test. Test. You can test everything from search conversion rates vs. content conversion rates to conversion rate vs. total sale amount to number of page views by ad copy.
  • Examining the search query report is one of the best ways to discover keywords that you’re missing out on.
  • It’s important to leverage the power of Google analytics to learn ways to improve your campaign. Google analytics can reveal information such as: ROI by keyword, visitor loyalty, conversions by source, buyer geo-location, and conversion path optimization.
  • It is possible to receive traffic that you did not pay for. You don’t necessarily pay for every click to your website.
  • When looking to optimize a campaign, keep your eyes open for amount spent on a keyword in a day, amount spent on an ad group in a day, conversion rates by keyword, conversion rates by ad group, time spent on website, and pageviews per visitor.

After two full days of Google Adwords interactive learning and training, Jarad, Brandon and I walked away both eager and excited to implement news ideas, and reinforce some old basics into the paid search accounts we manage at Three Deep. From performing keyword research to writing ad copy to advanced conversion techniques, Brad Geddes had very useful insight and tips on everything Adwords.

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