Design Camp 2014

Once again, October brings the best design conference of the year! AIGA Minnesota’s Design Camp® is the largest regional design conference in the country, with an average attendance around 350. This year, the conference will take place at Madden’s on Gull Lake, a beautiful location for collaboration and inspiration. With five keynote speakers, small-group breakout workshops and creative sessions, this event will revitalize creativity in all who attend.

Renee Ebert, Three Deep’s Digital Art Director, is the chair of the committee again this year. She was the chair last year as well, and was on the committee the year prior to that. It is her 5th year attending this amazing event. She is the main contact for all things related to the event, and has been working diligently to make this event a success again this year.
Design Camp® has a new theme each year, which comes directly from their landing page:

We share a secret, an unspoken truth and desire for purity in aesthetics and context. To seek clarity in all things, no matter the level of detail. To find a meaning for all things seen and unseen, an agreement between logic and emotion.
We are bound to a creed, born with abilities and skills that few possess. To learn from those before us, decoding their messages and masterpieces. To gather and join our collective minds as one, building our language and honing our craft. To listen to the secrets of our peers whispered through the wind-washed pines.

We are the Order of Ipsum, and this is Design Camp® 2014.

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