Inspired by an excellent local Minnesota blogger, Arik Hanson, and his top 10 posts of 2012 meme, I thought it would be fun to go through the top 10 posts on the Three Deep blog for 2012.

The methodology used follows what was recommended by Google's Adam Singer on a Google+ post, which featured instructions as well as a custom dashboard to make this super easy to do.

The Top 10 Best Blog Posts from Three Deep in 2012 by traffic.

10) Home Improvement Contractors Should Avoid Yellow Pages PPC – Part 2 by Tom Audette and Jeff Sauer

The second half of our series on home improvement and PPC from traditional yellow pages companies.

9) Only 15% of Small Businesses Have Claimed Their Google+Local Listing by Tom Audette

Staggering statistic when you think about it.

8) Why We Created Crossfuse by Jeff Sauer

Jeff's opus on why Crossfuse is solving a very important market need.

7) Social Analytics Tools vs. Google Analytics by Diane Kulseth

Great post from Diane outlining why social analytics tools don't always get you the data you truly need.

6) Home Improvement Contractors Should Avoid Yellow Pages Paid Search Programs by Tom Audette and Jeff Sauer

The title says it all. Avoid these low quality programs if you want to succeed online.

5) Home Improvement Infographic by Mark Roussin

This would be higher if it weren't posted in November. Mark showcases a highlight of his internship with Three Deep - the creation of a fantastic infographic.

4) 8 SEO Predictions for 2012 – Our Grades by Three Deep SEO Team

The Three Deep SEO team grades predictions by industry Expert Rand Fishkin

3) It’s Never too Late to Automate, but Sometimes it’s too Soon by Jeff Sauer

Many people have "tool envy" and seek out the latest and greatest tool available to make their job easier… only to have the tool fail. Learn why this happens so often.

2) 3 Not So Easy Ways to Remove Twitter Spam Followers by Diane Kulseth

A great tale of how Diane decided to clean up some of the spam followers she received from her Twitter account.

1) Why All Online Home Improvement Lead Generation Services Suck by Tom Audette

Why was this the #1 post of the year? The Title! How could you not read that post if you saw it pop up on your screen?

Have you done a wrap up post to highlight what you wrote in 2012? Let us know if you want to learn how!