FB_Chili Crock Pot

As the chill in the air increases, so does our love for comfort food. Which means it’s time for another company event – the chili cook off. This year we had 5 delicious crock pots with recipes that were influenced by the great state of Texas, the rich flavors of Spain, Midwestern chicken varieties, and last but not least, the wife of Keith Miller, our email specialist.

A special thanks to all that made this meal a success. Our organizing staff, Kelly, Sally and Anne, did a great job of setting up this meal, with all the chili fixings you can dream of, and towers of small bowls so we taste all the variations.  To the owners of this company, for yet another event to keep us all away from the “all work and no play” syndrome that can haunt agencies. It is great to be able to share a meal with coworkers and not talk about client deliverables.

I can’t wait to tell you about our next team building event – stay tuned!