Content isn’t King, it’s Queen!
…And Technical SEO is the British Government

Whenever I hear that content is King I cringe a little. Not only because it has become such a cliché, but more commonly because it strikes a nerve in my mildly feminist, American heart leaving me asking why content can’t be Queen or President or female president?! I digress. The point here is that content may be a monarch, but only if it exists within the British monarchy. Let me explain.
Confession #1
I am in no way an expert in the field monarchies or British politics. There has been some rapid fire fact-checking via Google to ensure that at the very least, my basic understanding of how it works is correct. So please, offer me some grace on this one.

Confession #2
I am an SEO and I loOoOoOove content. (Insert emoji with heart eyes here.) I also love technical SEO.

union jack

...Getting back to my story and why Content is Queen

First, let’s review my understanding of how things work across the pond. I’ll start by saying God Save the Queen, the recognized anthem of England. It currently refers to Queen Elizabeth who is also known as the head of state. While past Kings and Queens of England may have had the last say in ruling the land, things are a little less formal these days. The British Monarchy doesn’t actually do much of the functional, running of England. Rather, that responsibility lies in the hands of the Prime Minister and appointed government officials. The prime minister is responsible for all policy creation and decision making and serves as head of the UK government. In the most basic terms, the government is the behind the scenes master mind while the Monarchy remains the figurehead and what most people think of when they think of English politics. Don’t believe me… The Royal Family and the latest addition of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana dominated news coverage for days. Now every American knows the name of the youngest Royal Highness of Cambridge, but is still has no clue about the Prime Minister. I’ll consider my point taken. And while one is less known, they both serve a very important, related purpose. If Great Britain were a website, the royals are the content that gets us to visit or capture our attention just as the case with the Royal Baby. The Prime Minister is who keeps things running and makes the visit smooth, enjoyable, and compliant.

Queendom vs. Boredom
Content is what the average consumer reads and engages with. We stay up through the night to watch the Royal wedding. Content is what we share with friends and revisit on a rainy day. We watch live coverage of a hospital door and place bets on baby names. Content is what makes us cry, feel inspired, it’s what we judge, and ultimately, it is what we use to form our opinions about the topic being covered. We follow the royal accounts on Twitter and Instagram and discuss the latest happenings over coffee with friends.

Technical SEO is the non-glamorous side of a website, but without it the site would run slow, be difficult to find, and make it difficult for the content to be consumed or enjoyed. I think you see where I’m going with this comparison. The Prime Minister or government is equally functional in making travel possible, keeping the country clean, and providing public services. Technical SEO may not be sexy, and people may not recognize its name or know what it does (similar to the prime minister ;-), but it is absolutely necessary to make content possible.

Here at Three Deep, we’ve seen great content successes with clients, but we always start our engagements with a Technical SEO Audit. Why create great content if it’s difficult for users to access it? Great content is only great if there is a sound website structure to support it. Make sure your website has a David Cameron before you pay $34 million for a Royal wedding.