Last week Three Deep's Director of Optimization, Angie Schottmuller, headed to South Beach Florida for the Interactivity Digital Conference where she presented on Conversion Optimization. She provided the audience with 6 Power Tricks of the Trade that are sure to help you get more conversions! Here are some of her tips!

Interactivity Digital Header

1) Focus on a User Centered Strategy

Visitors come to your website with a purpose. Of course, your website has a purpose for your business as well, but it’s very important to meet your visitor’s needs first. This often results in developing personas for your landing page, including attitudes, use of time, and what desirable actions the persona would want to achieve.

2) Understand Landing Page Elements

Good landing pages focus on the relevance, value, and action that users will receive by visiting the landing page. Keeping that in mind, Angie reviews the “essentials” to each landing page, which include:

  1. Slim header
  2. Landing Page LayoutHeadline
  3. Subheader
  4. Directional Cue
  5. Hero Shot
  6. Form
  7. Call to Action (CTA)
  8. Trustmarks
  9. Key Points List
  10. Social Proof
  11. Process Steps
  12. Supporting Info
  13. Follow up CTA
  14. Slim Footer

Once you have all of these essentials designated with content, Angie encourages you to rearrange them until you have a clean and logical layout.

3) Call to Action (CTA)

One of the most important aspects of the landing page is the call to action. In her presentation, Angie stressed the importance of having one CTA in a very obvious spot. Going even further, she presented the 12 hour color wheel and encouraged CTAs to have a complementary color to the main color of the landing page, providing a noticeable difference for optimal impact. She also encouraged the audience to stay away from the default CTA “Submit”, and focus on CTAs that maximize the value for a visitor.

4) Web Forms

Do you get tired of all the fields you have to fill out when you submit a form? Angie encouraged the audience at Interactivity Digital to simplify their web forms by using the following steps.

  • Merge the First and Last Name fields into one
  • Use geoIP to provide a zip code
  • Remove City and State and use the geoIP to provide information
  • Drop mailing address unless the form is for a mailer
  • Drop phone number
  • Drop any non-required fields

5) Credibility

Visitors value the credibility that a business can provide. Make sure your landing page conveys your credibility by providing testimonials, case studies, industry press or accreditations, awards, and more. Angie also suggested that landing pages can include video to further establish credibility. She also provided a guide to soliciting strong recommendations with questions that help to prompt quick reviews.

6) Instant Gratification

The last topic Angie covered in her presentation was including an offer for your landing page. An offer could be a free gift or service, particular savings, an event, or tool that entices a visitor to complete your landing page. If your landing page will likely be accessed by mobile users, Angie stresses the importance of creating click-to-call links on the page so the visitor can be connected to your business with the click of a button.


Angie acknowledged that all of these tips can be overwhelming and hard to understand where to start with your conversion optimization. She encouraged the audience to utilize a 5 second test on the landing pages to see if visitors could remember:

  • Who is the company
  • Does the company appear credible
  • What is the company offering
  • What is the call-to-action

If visitors are having trouble remembering something in particular from that test, it highlights an area for priority on the conversion optimization. To run tests on your website, visit

If you have any more questions regarding conversion optimization, we encourage you to contact the Three Deep team for assistance on learning more about how conversion optimization can help you get more qualified leads and improve your costs!