Credibility Without a Celebrity

Traditional advertising consists of household names. It’s been the “norm” for the past 40 years and conditioned brands to believe a spokesperson is the key to influencing your audience. Surprise, celebrity names are not the lifeblood of effective marketing. Before paying the Kardashians $250,000 to send one Tweet on your behalf, checkout how Small Influencers + Target Audiences = High Engagement.


Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2016

The internet allows people to connect from all corners of the world. That makes attending conferences even better! How else would you have the awkward introduction of asking people, “don’t we follow each other on Twitter?” Now, here are the top 12 conferences you must attend in 2016.


Marketing Movers and Shakers

Check it out! Our very own Dan Derosier was featured as a Mover and Shaker in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Learn more about one of our co-founders and people behind Three Deep’s growing business and success!


Move over Apple

Apple was recently unseated as the most world’s most valuable company. Google is now the most valuable company on earth! Here’s more about the ongoing thermonuclear war and signs of what’s to come.


The End of Twitter

A while back, or at least in millennial time, Twitter teased the idea of expanding their character limit. Many feel this will be the end of Twitter. After all, they're known for forcing users to communicate in 140 characters. Changing that structure could end Twitter. People are outraged, so outraged even The New Yorker is writing about it!


Legal FAQ for Marketers

Online marketing is booming. It provides data that brands seek and offers an experience consumers want… most of the time. Here’s a FAQ for marketers to make sure your digital campaigns are both legal, and an experience consumers welcome.


4 Keys to Clockwork Conversion

Is there a magical button color that converts better than all others? The answer is simple — yes… IF you know the right formula. See how color and conversion work hand-in-hand.


12 Signs an SEO is Total B.S.

It doesn’t require a college degree to become an SEO. Before jumping to any conclusions, it does require a significant amount of talent to become a successful SEO. It’s just that getting there doesn’t require a PhD. Knowing that anyone can claim to be an expert, here are 12 signs an SEO may not be the expert they claim to be.


How People Are Really Using Snapchat

Snapchat is growing. While most still recognize this platform as the “private” photo platform, it has more depth to it. Here’s an infographic that will help you see how Snapchat relates to marketing.