Wish you could have attended the amazing, first-ever, Call To Action Conference hosted by Unbounce this past September? No worries. You can now access video of all nine CTAconf sessions ...FOR FREE.

Yep. You heard right. The entire conference for free!

Enjoy a front-row seat of over 4.5 hours of actionable, entertaining optimization insights from industry experts like Oli Gardner, Joanna Wiebe, Peep Laja, and more (including me).

From persuasive copywriting ...to A/B testing common pitfalls ...to wild live landing page reviews, I guarantee you'll learn new insights to improve your marketing. (BONUS: You'll laugh along the way!)

FEATURED SESSION:  Optimizing Persuasion with Buying Modalities

By Angie Schottmuller, Director of Optimization, Three Deep Marketing -- 36 minutes

Learn how left-brain/right-brain (logic vs. emotion) and fast/slow pace of cognitive processing impacts decision making and how you can strategically leverage those insights for persuasion.

Angie Schottmuller introducing the power of buying modalities Angie Schottmuller using Tony Stark (Ironman) to explain the Competitive buying modality Angie Schottmuller calling out how Humanistic buying modalities are intrigued by creativity and authentic people experiences

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