Over the weekend, I learned that I was accepted into the Microsoft Pivot technical preview program.  It was totally unexpected given that this is a super secret and coveted preview program, but I guess they found my application worthy.

Microsoft also allowed me to share my license with 9 of my closest friends, so if you are interested, you should download Pivot too!  (Note, that since this is a Microsoft product, it only works on Windows Vista and Windows 7 - so many of you might be out of luck).  Here are the download/license instructions:

To download Pivot, visit our download page. Then, use the following installation code:

5487 F0A8 25F5 5193

This code is good for 10 installs – give it to 9 friends and keep 1 for yourself!

What exactly is Microsoft Pivot?  I would call it a standard Excel Pivot table on steroids, with alluring sex appeal and a major "wow" factor.  It takes visualization of data to a new level, but also provides a fluid interface and rapid speed of display that I have yet to see in another visualization tool.

Since it's still in a beta release, I am playing around with the tool to figure out how I can use it to provide visualizations to Three Deep's clients, and what actual practical usage we can get out of the tool (i.e. how much of this is glitz vs. substance).

I have some great ideas for client implementation, but I would also like to hear what you all think of the best way to utilize this cool (and FREE) tool.

Also, if you do take advantage of one of the licenses, please leave a comment so that I can keep track!

Hat tip to Flowing Data for bringing this application to our attention.

Here's a gallery of visualizations I came up with using the tool.  Enjoy!

My Beloved Minnesota Vikings

Data 1

The Scrappy Minnesota Twins

data 2 data 3

For our President, Dave Woodbeck, The MN Wild

data 4

For Irony, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods Sports Illustrated Covers

data 5