You installed Google Analytics on your site anywhere from 2 months to 3 years ago, thinking that you were pretty awesome for being so forward thinking and staying on top of the latest technology.  Now you get awesome charts and pretty map overlays telling you how many visits your site has and where they are coming from.  Life is good!  Or is it?

Chances are, you are doing Analytics WRONG.

Don't worry, I would estimate that 95% of people who signed up and installed Google Analytics are not using it to gain insights into what is really working both on and off their site.

None of this is your fault, of course, because Google makes their Analytics product SO easy to install and receive data that you can easily convince yourself that you are getting the reports that you need in order to understand who is coming to your site.

Most website owners find this information to be sufficient and don't think to do much else with this rich Analytics data.  They check their analytics once a day, once a week, or once a month to see if their traffic has increased, but never make an effort to mine this data for insights into how to make this information work for them.  As Avinash Kaushik would say, they are doing the work of a reporting squirrel, and not that of an analysis ninja.

This is where we come in.  We WILL show you how to get more out of your web site, and we will do it FREE.

Why are we doing this?  Just because Google Analytics is free and easy to install, doesn’t mean it’s easy to find actionable information from the results.  The biggest challenge we see with our prospects and customer’s is they have under-optimized the use of this technology.  We want to help you change that problem.

We are offering a FREE Google Analytics Action Plan for your site.

The winner of this contest will receive absolutely free, a $1,500 world class evaluation of their entire web presence. Our consulting expertise and analysis, up to 10 hours of normally billable activity, includes:

  • Training of Google Analytics basics and getting started
  • Live web evaluation of site analytics, with recording available
  • 30 day check-in to evaluate how site is performing since changes

How do I enter?

Simple; you can enter in three convenient ways.  1) Just leave a comment on this post with why you need an audit.  2) Send a note to Three Deep using our contact form (all forms lead directly to me).  3) Send a tweet @threedeep or a direct message.

Your entry should consist of:

  • The address of your website(s)
  • The business objective of your site (E-commerce?  Lead Generation?  Blog?)
  • Why you chose to use Google Analytics on your site
  • Your biggest challenges in understanding your site performance
  • Why you deserve an audit and what you will do with the results

How does Three Deep determine the Winner?

The contest winner will be chosen based on many criteria, including:

  • Timeliness of entry
  • How compelling your story is to our team
  • Total opportunity for improvement
  • Your overall need for an audit

When does the contest end?

The contest is scheduled to end on Monday, July 6th.

Contest Rules

  • US sites preferred.  Site can be international, but must have healthy stream of US visitors
  • Analytics profile must have at least 2000 visitors every 30 days
  • Analytics must be installed and collecting data for at least 60 days
  • Must be willing to grant Google Analytics administrative access to Three Deep team
  • Traffic to site should come from at least 3 sources, with variety encouraged
  • Must be willing to have findings published by Three Deep to our company blog and/or in a case study format