GAAC Summit 2009

This week, several of our team members are attending the Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC) Partner Summit at Google's campus in Mountain View, CA.  The event has been great so far, with a great combination of conceptual and technical presentations, as well as lots of Google information that is not available to the public at this point.

We also got some pretty awesome Google shirts and other swag with Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer logos on them... but the best part of the conference is definitely the presentations and the great conversation that we are having with other GAAC consultants.

Among speakers who have presented, we have seen Avinash Kaushik - everyone who reads our blog knows how much we like him - as well as all of the hard working individuals at Google who make these products so great to use and work with on a day to day basis. There have also been great Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics case studies presented by other GAAC partners.  My goal is to be able to present at next year's Google Analytics Authorized Consultant Partner Summit.

I'm looking forward to today's keynote speech that will be given by Google's Chief Economist Hal Varian.  Hal's video series on how AdWords works are great, and I am guessing that his speech will leave me inspired and armed with greater knowledge of how all Google products will be working together.

All in all, the event has been great so far - and we will be posting a recap next week when everyone is back in the office.