Last Tuesday, Three Deep had the honor of hosting a Google Engage Connect Event. Three Deep was one of just a small selection of agencies asked to host this event for small businesses to improve their online marketing initiatives. We were fortunate to have a few of our friends join us despite the snowy weather, both in the office, and online.

Couldn't make the event? Check out our Storify story, or take a look at our summary below.

Lisa Gevelber - Keeping Up With the Evolving Digital Landscape

Up first was Lisa Gevelber, Director of Marketing for Google. Lisa referenced research that suggests that users of the web can often be using up to four devices at any moment (their computer, television, tablet, smartphone, etc.). As a business, how can you make sure that your message is the one that stands out? She then showed an initiative with Google AdMob that paired traditional ads from leading brands such as Coca-Cola and Volvo and asked the creatives behind them how they'd adapt the tactics to online. The Coca-Cola campaign was featured, based on the 70s ad "Give the World a Coke".


Featuring both mobile and desktop advertising, users could send a Coca-Cola to an unsuspecting person across the globe and could send translated messages. The recipient's reaction was captured via video cam and was sent to the sender, along with any messages they sent back.

Emotional Connections

Lisa stressed the importance of how a brand should strive to establish an emotional connection with their consumers. Google does this in the following three ways:

Focus on one user

With the example of Daniel Lee, a father who chronicled his daughter's childhood through touching messages on Gmail, Google Chrome demonstrated how it can "be there" for all the major milestones. Whether it be integrating Google Maps into an email, or attaching the latest YouTube video, Google Chrome ensures that these all work flawlessly together.

Champion Customers

Google also demonstrated how it helps customers achieve their goals by giving businesses a free website via the GXBO initiative. They used Vermont staple, King Arthur Flour to show how a small business can make the most of online with the right website and advertising.

Take Risks, Say YES!

Finally up, was Frank's Restaurant, a story of a married couple that struggled to get their business moving, and how pairing with Google Reviews helped catapult their business to profits, and popularity.

Lisa stressed that if you've ever wanted to get your marketing initiatives off the ground, to start today. You know your customers, try something new that you haven't done before!

John Nicoletti - The Zero Moment of Truth

After Lisa's presentation, John Nicoletti spoke about Google's research on the Zero Moment of Truth, which addresses how the internet has changed traditional decision-making. Whether it's checking a smartphone for the latest coupon to buy a mascara, or discovering a review about a new restaurant, being aware of the Zero Moment of Truth is helpful for businesses of all sizes.

Zero Moment of Truth

John informed the viewers that 83% of people consult reviews, and 58% of these people say that reviews do affect their purchase decision significantly. Additionally, 84% of smartphone users perform in-store research while shopping. The need for businesses to be accessible via reviews and mobile experiences has never been greater.

How to win the ZMOT

John says the best way to win the Zero Moment of Truth is to do the following:

  • Put Someone in Charge
  • Find your Moments
  • Answer the Questions People are Asking
  • Optimize for Mobile
  • Win with Video
  • and be Fast!

John encouraged viewers to map their moments of truth for their business and then to download the ZMOT Handbook.

Bickey Russell - Working with a Winning Agency

After John's presentation, Bickey Russell helped to close things by addressing the importance of working with an agency, and how Google is equipping agencies to help small businesses succeed.

At the end of the presentation, our Vice President, Jeff Sauer, told attendees that no matter the business, the principles that Google shared can be applied to any industry, and Three Deep is excited to help businesses discover how to better reach their audience. If you are curious how we can assist your business in leveraging these tactics or want a copy of the full recording, we encourage you to contact us today!