This morning, one of our team members pointed out something that she had seen while browsing Google. It appears that when a domain is entered as a search query without the .com, it provides brief intros after the sitelinks for top traffic pages in the results.

SERP layout for threedeepmarketing

This seems to only work for the website domains, so it again makes branded search more apparent on Google, which is no surprise, given Google's love affair with brands. It is good news for brands and their domains as it helps to drive traffic to your best pages.

So what does this mean for SEO? Our SEO Scientist at Three Deep said that current CTR studies will be rendered invalid as these results change the layout. Now, especially, page titles and meta descriptions are far more important for high traffic pages, as the meta data will have to be shorter. How short? Looks like about 35 characters max, with a cutoff at the previous word before that limit is hit.

What do you think of this layout? Does your brand or domain have these extended sitelinks? We are looking forward to learning more about this and publishing a follow-up article sometime in the near future. Stay tuned!