This past summer, the digital marketing interns (myself and Maddie Hol) collaborated across many departments within the company to create a SEO Title Tag and Meta Description Builder Tool.

Summer interns


The backstory on this project

Early in the summer we worked with the SEO team and became familiar with title tags and meta descriptions, discovering the importance of these sometimes-overlooked aspects of search engine optimization. We learned about using the right keywords and call-to-actions in your descriptions to stand out amongst the clutter and to drive traffic to a website organically, as well as how to optimize your descriptions and titles while still staying within character limits.

The inspiration for the project would come from a simple Excel formula created by the SEO team that enabled us to know whether our descriptions and titles were too short, just right or too long. While simple in nature, this excel sheet made the process of writing title tags and descriptions for clients all the more easier. We believed it would be a great tool to have open to the public so other people who are working on their title tags and meta descriptions could utilize it – and so that’s what we did!

While sharing the Excel template would have been easy, we decided to challenge ourselves by creating an interactive page on the agency’s website. We worked with the creative team to design the layout of the page, web development to create it and QA to test the page. This was a great way for us to gain some project management experience, as well as learn more about each individual department at Three Deep.

Sharing our SEO creation with you

Maddie and I also needed to work on the roll-out strategy for the builder tool. We decided to use the roll-out as an A/B test, using emailing, PPC ads and social media posts to test different facets, such as subject lines, the tonality of the content and branded posts vs. personal. The plan also included a blog post announcement about the our tool (and hey, thanks for reading it!)

The tool, which launched August 1st, features more than just a character counter. The page also provides insight into what exactly title tags and meta descriptions are, as well as professional tips and tricks on how to optimize them.