This is part 2 of our two part series on Why Home Improvement Contractors Should Avoid Paid Search Advertising From Yellow Pages Companies. As we learned in part 1, yellow pages companies are trying to take their old business model and move it to the Internet. This is highly ineffective and produces poor results.

Why are results from Yellow Pages PPC programs so bad?

Yellow page representatives sell their programs on a "per click" basis.  For $1000 per month you might get 250 guaranteed clicks.  For $1500 per month, you'll get 400 clicks etc.  To an unsophisticated client, this pitch sounds enticing.  Imagine 250 leads a month for only $1000!  The problem with this approach is that, a click really doesn't mean anything if that click doesn't convert into an actual prospect.  

In fact, the average landing page only converts at about 2% (and that doesn't factor in when the pages look exactly the same!) What that means, is that for that 250 click package, you might only receive 5 inbound calls out of the $1,000 spent.  If only 1-2 of these calls are set into appointments, a contractor is looking at an unsustainable $500 appointment cost -- which obviously won't work in the long run!

In order to convert a click into a prospect (either a phone call or a web form conversion) a site needs to have a strong call to action.  None of the landing pages in our previous example (compare this landing page to this one) use a call to action or even an online form to request more information.  They are little more than an online version of a traditional yellow page ad.  The yellow pages are still stuck in the pre-millenium mode of advertising, where ad impressions define success.

The difference between the yellow pages and a company like Three Deep is that we feel our job is only 1/3 done when we get that click!  In order to be effective, you have to convert that click into an inbound inquiry (prospect), and often times help our Client convert that prospect into an actual appointment (lead).

Our methodology includes custom landing pages designed specifically for each client.  These landing pages highlight each client's company story and unique selling proposition. These pages use persuasive language and calls to action that speak to prospects all along the buying spectrum; from prospects just looking for information all they way to "now buyers" who are ready to make a purchase.

We continually measure, test and optimize our campaigns in order to achieve the lowest cost per conversion possible -- how little can our clients pay to have someone interested in their services contact them.  We do keyword research and develop keyword lists unique to each Client in order to put them in front of those prospects looking for their product; but we'll also make sure our ads are not showing in front of irrelevent traffic. For example, a person searching for windows might be looking for auto glass, windows for their home or computer software.

If you are paying "per click" are you getting the right kind of clicks?   Our fees are for real people to provide ongoing management, optimization and reporting to our clients -- something rarely provided by yellow page companies who place campaigns on autopilot until the Client wakes up and cancels the service in order to stop the bleeding.

Our experience has shown that paid search, when managed and effectively optimized and deployed for a company that has good internal sales and appointment setting methodologies -- can be one of the most cost effective lead generation tools available to a home improvement contractor.  However, if it is not deployed correctly can be a recipe for disaster.  A company can literally hemorrhage money!   Which group is your company in?  If it's the latter, call us and let us help fix it!