Our physical behavior says a lot. Yes, I’m referring to body language. We communicate more than we recognize with facial expressions and gestures and people notice it, which can be good thing. Most people have been asked “can I help you” while shopping in a store. While it’s a standard greeting from a retail worker, chances are you were sending some nonverbal clues that you needed some help. Whether you were lost and looking for direction, searching for a price tag, or had a shopping cart full of items and ready to checkout – your body language told them you were seeking help.

Just like your employees in a retail location who recognize your customers body language, digital marketers, online retailers and e-commerce businesses are picking up on nonverbal signs as well. In fact, your customers are telling you everything you need to know with their online activity. Here’s four nonverbal behaviors you can use to grow your business. 

They Visit Your Website

In many ways, you can view your website as your storefront. A visit is just like someone walking through your front door, which is an encouraging sign. Just like your store where people browse through the aisles they’re interested in, their behavior is generally the same on your website. Website analytics will allow you to monitor clickstreams and create cohort analysis to help you understand what pages your audience visits prior to making a purchase. You can also use this information to identify any bottlenecks in your site, or where your audience is getting lost or leaving without making a purchase. You can even gain visibility into individual behavior with User ID Tracking that allows you to identify specific users and their activity on your site. Your audience is coming to your website, hopefully more than once and telling you their interests. Use these nonverbal signs to create personalized marketing campaigns based on the content and pages they visited.

They Open Your Emails

Email marketing is one of the most popular digital strategies retail brands use, that’s because it works. It’s also one of the easiest nonverbal signals you can electronically collect from your database. Using basic email analytics, you can see what emails your audience has engaged with and how often. These baseline details are nonverbal signs to their individual interests. Use these nonverbal indications to segment your audience send them content based on their and should be used to segment your audience to send them content that appeals to them.  

They Gossip About Your Brand

Even gossip has evolved in the digital age, moving beyond the sewing circle and onto the internet. Now, I realize chitter-chatter isn’t ‘really’ nonverbal, but still a digital signal you should monitor. Reviews and social media are the most common conversations that are happening online. Use these platforms and comments as a reason to engage with your audience. Show appreciation for positive reviews and respond to negative mentions with the same care and attention you would give any customer service issue. Remember, engaging with your audience can be as comments or replies to their reviews or social media activity – but you also have oodles of other opportunities to communicate with them in the digital era. 

They Buy Your Products

Buying something from your brand is about the most positive nonverbal behavior you can measure online. But the journey doesn’t stop there. The data you capture from your audience at the point of sale can lead to that consumer making more purchases. Use this information to create campaigns that share other products that are commonly purchased with what they just bought. Remember, there’s a variety of ways you can personalize emails and other marketing campaigns based on previous purchase behavior. Knowing the lifecycle of the product they just purchased, means you’ll know when they’ll be in the market for the same product again. That’s a nonverbal indicator that’s hard to beat.

The point is simple, nonverbal communication is more than body language, it’s also online behavior. Understanding your target audience is providing you with these signals is a major step to enhancing your marketing, implementing strategies to reach your audience after the signs is the next. So, what are you waiting for?