Let’s face it. The world of digital marketing is an unfixed universe. Its process is fast-moving and new strategies are developing everyday. No matter where you are in your marketing career, it’s never too late to learn the latest online strategies.

Here are some resources to introduce you to some of the latest elements of online marketing. We hope these free tools help you along the path to increasing results and revenue from your next digital marketing campaigns.

1. Evolution of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing tactics, yet it continues to deliver a higher ROI than just about any other online strategy. But this is not your father's email marketing anymore. That's right: this strategy has matured, and if you haven't revisited how you create email content since the early 2000's, you're most likely missing out on the major ROI and benefits of email. We take an in depth look into 5 key areas of email marketing and how they have evolved over the years

2. Content Strategy: And how to suck less at it

Here's the truth, the majority of marketers FAIL at content marketing. Don't believe us, data shows the overwhelming amount of companies openly admit that their content marketing is not meeting their expectations. Learn the "do's" and "don'ts" of content marketing and how content strategy is the foundation for successful content marketing.

3. Local SEO Made Simple

Everyday consumers turn to Google to search for where they can buy products and services near their location. If you’re business isn’t ranking in local search, you could be losing customers to your competition. Here's how you can get started with Local SEO.

4. How to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

It’s never been more important to include paid social media as part of your digital marketing strategies. Consumers of nearly every demographic spend countless hours on social media every week. If you’re not advertising on social you’re seriously missing out. In most social media platforms, clicks are inexpensive and highly targeted. Here's how to enhance your social media campaigns with paid advertising.

5.  The 30-Minute SEO Checkup

The 30-Minute SEO Checkup covers what every marketing professional should know about SEO. It teaches you how to test your website’s SEO strength with one 30-minute checkup. Start recognizing common SEO problems and fix basic issues to improve your site’s organic performance. Get started with the 30-Minute SEO Checkup. 

6. Email 101: Moving Beyond Batch and Blast

Email marketing is changing. And it’s better now than ever before! Many brands are moving beyond the one-size-fits all mentality of email marketing. The result, better experience for consumers and better results for marketers. Learn the email basics and get started with this win-win marketing strategy. Learn Email 101.

7. Pay-Per-Click Advertising 101: Lead Generation in the Digital Age

Did you know businesses make an average of $2 revenue for every $1 spent on Google AdWords? That’s because paid search advertising delivers a powerful combination of targeting, segmentation and performance measurement. Learn the secrets to effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns in PPC 101: Lead Generation in the Digital Age.

8. Search Engine Optimization 101: Increasing Your Organic Traffic

Google is more than a search engine. It’s also a verb! That’s right, the search engine company is also an action word for the activity consumers participate in everyday. Consumers use the search engine for tips, product information, comparisons, reviews, prices, and more. Essentially, they want immediate answers and they search online to find them. The question becomes: will the answers to their questions come from your company or its competitors the next time they Google? Get started with search engine marketing in SEO 101: Increasing Your Organic Traffic.

9. Search Engine Optimization 201: How to Optimize Content and Strategy

They say the key to a successful business is location-location-location. In the world of digital marketing, the best location is on the first page of Google search results. So, is your website set-up with this prime real estate in mind? See how you can take your SEO to a new level by optimizing content and strategy in the SEO 201 presentation.

10. How to Convert Your Connections into Lifetime Customers

Our webinar goes beyond the data and into treating customers like “real people.” After all, their goal is to learn about your products in a personal and trustworthy way.  I know this sounds complex, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Our presentation helps you convert your connections into lifetime customers.