How to Personalize Your Marketing Communications

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns. Today’s consumers live in a highly personalized world that is made possible by new social and mobile technologies. In building better customer relationships, marketers must understand an exploding amount of customer data. Here are three ways to get started on the path to personalizing your marketing communications.

The Power of Pinterest

The consumer journey remains the focus of content marketing. Some marketers feel too much time is spent on reviewing customers’ previous behavior rather than looking ahead. So how do you predict the future? A recent study says Pinterest.

How to Hire An Agency

There are many things to consider when hiring a digital agency. Columnist Scott Rayden takes a look at why traditional hiring practices are flawed and how you can find an agency with the right vision and culture. If you do your research, you’ll give yourself a real chance at finding a long-term growth partner who ties their success to yours.

Pizza Delivery Via Pizza Emoji

Ordering a pizza will never be the same. This week, Domino’s Pizza announced that it would be launching a new “tweet-to-order” system later this month. The new system is using social media to take customer service to a new level by streamlining the ordering process down to a five-second exchange.

Keeping Up With Google

If you’re a SEO pro you probably know that if you just listen to Google, you'll be able to react to an update before it happens avoiding any issues. For everyone else, Search Engine Watch has translated Google’s words into more basic language making it easier to understand the Panda, Penguin and Mobile updates.

Facebook Will Begin Delivering News From Publishers

Facebook is a social platform best known for helping friends and family members keep in touch. This week Facebook announced they would provide its audience with instant articles from nine different media companies. The new feature is expected to grow Facebook revenue and more efficiently deliver news to its users.

Infographic: Why Do Headlines Matter?

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Well blogs are different. There is data to support that readers will decide whether your post is worth reading based on its headline. Make sure you have creative headlines as part of your content strategy as this infographic points out.