One of my favorite cocktail experiences in recent years was my first trip to Marvel bar. Marvel bar describes itself as an, “Unmarked speakeasy behind a purple door with avant-garde cocktails, whiskeys & hip, eclectic decor.” Like most things these days I would describe their fares as ‘craft’ and you immediately feel ten ounces cooler when you walk through the door. None of my party had ever been, so upon our arrival, we asked to see a cocktail list. Rather than obliging, the bartender held onto the sleek, leather bound book and began asking us questions.

Questions were along the lines of….

What spirits do you typically imbibe?

What level of sweetness?

Do you like your beverage to be booze-forward?


Then like that Beautiful Mind guy, without my ever peering at a menu, the bartender calculated all of my answers into a glorious, well-crafted cocktail. Magic.

This is not my typical experience with cocktails. A typical excursion involves me visiting one of my favorite spots and getting one of my favorite cocktails. If I do venture out to a new spot, I may look at a menu, but I’ll typically end up getting a standard cocktail or house wine. How much will I spend on this beverage – maybe $5 or $7 if I must. An average bar requires you to call the shots (ha, punny) rather than providing an expert to help guide you to the best decision. Thus, you’re usually left with an ‘ok’ beverage. Here’s the catch – I’m willing to opt for $12 cocktail if I am confident that the maker knows their craft and takes the time to understand what I’m really looking for.

Look, a $5 glass of house red is fine. It’s a minor investment and when I ask for it, I know what to expect. But, anyone can pour a $5 glass of red wine. Let’s be real, the intern can probably pour that $5 glass of wine. What if, though, all that time I was asking for a glass of wine I could’ve been having a life-changing cocktail crafted to my exact preferences and needs? A cocktail that years later I rave about and describe as ‘magic’?

If you haven’t caught on yet, these are also my exact thoughts when it comes to content.

I am willing to bet (and I am not a betting woman) that if you had to choose between content you’d describe as ‘ok’ or ‘magic’, you’d choose the ‘magic’ option.

As a content strategist for a digital marketing agency, I want to be your content bartender.

At Three Deep, we are constantly engaging with super smart marketers who know what they’re trying to accomplish, but aren’t always sure how to make that happen online. (There are also cases where they may have an idea of how they’re going to make it happen, but they could actually be missing a step or opportunity.) I spend my time and brain-space investing in content strategy & content marketing. At the end of the day, I want to work with you to craft the perfect solution to your content needs. Content is my passion and my craft. I want to hear what you’re saying, and learn what it is you think you need and what you’re trying to accomplish and calculate it all into a concoction that you may not have known existed. It could be that you end up with something expected like a gin & tonic, or maybe you find that what you need is a Rosemary Grapefruit cocktail that makes all your dreams come true.

All this to say, when it comes to developing a solution for your content needs, don’t simply look at the menu. Talk to someone who is devoted to their craft and work together to create the perfect solution that combines each of your expertise. The combination of business knowledge and content expertise will end up resulting in something close to ‘magic’.

Here’s a FREE Content Audit Template to jumpstart your content strategy. Hopefully this guides you towards content magic, and if you have any questions, contact us we’re happy to help!