If email were an animal, it’d be a cat. Yes, that’s a joke about having 9 lives. Go ahead and recover from belly laughing. Now that you’ve caught your breath, it’s a little bit true. Critics have said email is dead for a while now… At least since AOL Instant Messenger, then SMS Text Messaging, and then Social Media – and you get my point. It’s been more than a decade. However, email is stronger than ever! And digital marketing technologies like marketing automation software and eCRM tools have increased its use. In fact, I anticipate that marketers will send more email in the next 10 years, than they have in the previous 40 years. Yes, I’m making a BOLD statement, but I’m not the only one saying email will grow. It’s predicted that 1/3rd of the world’s population will actively use email by the year 2019.

Now factor those 3.9 Billion users with more mature email strategies and marketing automation I already mentioned. These tactics support consumers along their path to purchase. Now think about how many emails transactional emails are sent every time you complete an online purchase (thank you, receipt, additional offers, shipping confirmation, customer satisfaction surveys – and then the new set of lead nurturing for your next purchase). So, my bold statement seems a little more likely now, doesn’t it?

Since email continues to increase, it’s important every marketing professional knows how to make the most of their email marketing campaigns. As a digital marketer, I’ve researched and written about the topic before along with others on our team.

Last spring, we published a report, 2016 Marketing Automation Trends for Success as a tool to help marketers enhance their marketing automation ability. We’ve also written a variety of blogs on email marketing.

I promised you email marketing from A to Z, so here it is. The simple way to understand this, is knowing what should be included in your marketing emails. I’m not talking about the content itself, that needs to be personalized for your audience. I’m talking about the essential elements of an email. We shared this in the Anatomy of a Marketing Email, which is a 16-page guide highlighting the fundamental sections of a marketing email. In addition, I recently stumbled across an infographic from the SalesForce Marketing Cloud, which provides a lot of great additional information.

From Header to Footer the Anatomy of a Perfect Email

From Header to Footer the Anatomy of a Perfect Email