Perhaps forever sounds daunting, but hopefully your business is in it for the long run. If that’s your goal, you’ll need to manage your data like it’s a long-term relationship. Now I’m not a love-guru, but I have heard some reliable dating advice along the way. Here’s a few you’ve probably heard before:

  • Spend time with your partner and get to know them (Yes, this requires listening)
  • Learn from your mistakes or past relationships
  • Show commitment to your partner (Think actions before words)

It may be surprising, but these dating tips actually reflect how you can manage your data too. Let’s dive into each of these three areas further so you can understand what I mean.

Know Your Partner - Know Your Data 


If you plan on staying in a relationship with your significant other for a long time, chances are you will be spending most of your days (and most of your money) together. Movies, dinner, concerts, mini golf, repeat. If you didn’t realize, these are two valuable resources that you’re investing in – time and money. You want this investment to pay-off, meaning you want to be happy and feel mutually in love with one another. Similarly, you want a return on your investment when you use your time and money to manage your data. Except, I’m assuming you’d like money and success instead of a mutual love connection.

You must still spend time with your data and get to know it though, which may seem intimidating at first. Unfortunately, you can’t take your data out to dinner and ask about its hopes and dreams. Remember your data doesn’t speak words, it speaks analytical numbers and graphs. Doesn’t sound particularly appealing? Well, the conversation with your data can still be interesting, we promise! This is where you can comb through your data to find insights about your target audience, your website or maybe your data is even trying to tell you to modify your current strategies. This information can aid in making business decisions, which is yet another reason Why Web Analytics are Important. If you don’t spend time with your data and listen to what it’s telling you, you’ll never find these golden-ticket insights. The good news is you shouldn’t ever have to put your relationship status as “It’s complicated,” because data is pretty concrete and direct. It’s either right or it’s wrong, working or not working. So, the next time you pull up your data, give it your best pick-up line and start analyzing a report!

Learn From Mistakes/Past Relationships - Learn From Past Data Mistakes


Maybe you’ve had a past relationship that didn’t work out. You found out you don’t have the same values or like the same things. Maybe his family is the type to do holiday 5ks. Hey, I’d end it too. Whatever the reason was, one thing I do know is that we can always learn from our past relationships to make sure our future relationships are even better.

We can also learn from our mistakes when managing our data. Here’s some insight from one of Three Deep Marketing’s Digital Analysts, Rick Wolke:

 “Many businesses start with Google Analytics to analyze their website visitor data. They begin tracking certain standard items like page views, bounce rate, landing pages, etc. A good starting point, perhaps, but it can be easy to select incorrect metrics without a structured approach. Without a goal in mind it can become very easy to begin down a data rabbit hole.”

Don't go down that data rabbit hole, know which metrics are important to measure. Being Smart with Data Analytics takes work but we know you can get there, even with a few bumps along the way. Of course, you want to minimize the mistakes you make and try your best to bounce back from any slip-ups. It’s a learning process and if you’re truly striving to understand what you did wrong, the second time around you’ll be more successful. Work smarter, not harder. 

Show Commitment To Your Partner – Show Commitment To Your Data


Relationships are a big commitment and I think you know the difference between a committed partner vs. a flaky, unreliable partner. You want someone who calls you back, who doesn’t make weird excuses for canceling plans, and who shows through their actions that they are committed to making your relationship last. We’ve all heard that quote, “Actions speak louder than words.”

In the same respect, you can’t just say you track and understand your data because you signed up for a Google Analytics account. That’s a great first step, but you’re not done yet! You must be committed to checking your account regularly to read the data and interpret insights about your business and customers. Conversion and action metrics are where your focus should be if you’re in business to make money. But ask yourself this, up until now have pageviews or sales been more valuable to your business? Brush up on The Most Important Analytics You Must Measure because you might find that pageviews and clicks, or as we like to call them- vanity metrics, aren’t everything. It’s what’s in the inside that counts…Now, don’t leave your data hangin’. Give it the faithful commitment it needs!


Need couples counseling with your data? We have an incredible data analytics team here at Three Deep Marketing to help make sense of your data management. Contact Us if you want to start forming a long-term relationship with your data. Till Death Do Us Part.