IBM Marketing Cloud and Three Deep Marketing teamed up for a back-to-school marketing session! Our panel discussed everything from marketing strategy to building bridges between Marketing and IT departments.

Marketing departments are being taken over by nerds! We say that lovingly. And it’s true, many CMOs spend more money on IT than their CIO. Marketing technologies are increasing efficiency and allowing brands to reach their consumers with more personalized communication than ever before.

Marketing automation is a game-changer for reaching your target audience. But there’s some bad news to go along with the good. Like a slow-moving car crash, we saw the digital transformation coming, but most companies did not prepare for it. Especially large corporations who continue to operate in silos where marketing teams speak in marketing lingo and IT teams speak in IT jargon.

We’ve come to a turning point, companies who don’t break down the walls between marketing and IT will fall behind. Successful businesses are building bridges between marketing and IT. See how they’re using new marketing technologies to amplify business growth and revenue.