The title of this post is the title of Three Deep’s new eBook. It’s also a keen description of its conception.

See, when Scott Pearson (a partner at the firm, team leader, and digital marketing specialist) and I began discussing the eBook we’d produce, we didn’t know the exact path we’d take.

As savvy content marketers should, we were aiming for the sweet spot at the intersection of the clients’ most important needs and the area in which the publisher could deliver the most subject matter expertise.

And so conversations ensued about modern demand generation…

…about the insane unpredictability of buyers today…

…about the endlessly expanding places where brands and buyers cross paths…

…about the level of research that goes into so many buying decisions…

…about the many disciplines of digital marketing that have become increasingly indivisible… more flexible… easier to execute, but more difficult to master.

We were talking about data-driven marketing

Cut to the kill and you have to arrive at the inevitable conclusion, in this millennium, where the consumer is intensely information-driven, the successful marketer must be data-driven.

The customer’s buying path is forever unpredictable. The only thing that is predictable is they will do their research.

The passage above is the first you’ll read in Marketing in the Age of the Carefully Considered Decision. The free eBook is an encyclopedia of insights into the various gears that align to drive the most successful marketing initiatives—but it’ll take you less than 30 minutes to flip through its 40 pages.

Shifting into digital gear

At a 10,000-foot view, this eBook’s goal is to help you shift into digital gear. At the tactical level, it steps through the most essential ideas part and parcel of today’s most essential marketing disciplines:

We just couldn’t leave out any of the key elements that make marketing the wild and wonderful labyrinth it is today. But trust us, these decisions were carefully considered.


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