Hi, I'm Jeff.  You haven't heard from me in a long time on this blog, but rest assured, I have been involved with a flurry of activity over the past few weeks from local events to nationwide webinars and more.

For the month of October, Three Deep has committed to no less than 10 speaking engagements, award ceremonies, industry events, sales meetings and educational opportunities.  It has been an exhausting month, but it has also been very fulfilling!

Fast 50 Awards Ceremony - October 6, 2011

Three Deep finished #6 on the list of the Twin Cities 50 fastest growing companies.  This was our first time applying for the event, and we were very excited to receive local recognition.  We look forward to being on the list again next year - maybe even higher!

Check out our write up in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

MIMA Summit Intensive Workshops - October 11, 2011

As a speaker at the 2010 MIMA Summit and current MIMA board member, I wasn't sure that I would be invited back to do a workshop this year.  The good news is that not only was I invited back, but my session was popular both in person and on the web.  It currently has over 53,000 views on Slideshare!

MIMA Summit - October 12, 2011

This was my "day off" where all I was expected to do was represent MIMA to our speakers, sponsors and membership... And give introductions to two people I look up to: Marty Weintraub and Rand Fishkin.  I also got to talk with Avinash Kaushik, the Michael Jordan of web analytics.  The highlight was going to dinner with Rand Fishkin, who is an all around great guy.

Three Deepers meet Rand Fishkin Three Deepers meet Rand Fishkin

Google Think Branding in NYC - October 13, 2011

After about 5 hours to sleep off the Summit I headed out to New York to join clients, colleagues and friends at Google's Port Authority offices.  The event was private, so I can't share any details, but I can share that the key message of the session was reaching customers at the ZMOT.  What is ZMOT?  Well, it's the Zero Moment of Truth, the time before visiting a retail store when a consumer makes their decisions about what to buy.  Guess how they make decisions?  Online!

Business Marketing Association of MN Panel on Social Media - October 18, 2011

This was arranged by friend of Three Deep, Colleen Foster and was my first BMA event.  My role was to moderate the event on Social Media for Business to Business (B2B) organizations.  We saw great case studies from 3M Interactive and Ergotron on how they have been able to use social media to bring revenue and cost savings to their business. To paraphrase a member of the crowd "This is my first BMA event, and if this is the quality of production you put on every month, I will be joining your organization and coming to a lot more events"

I have a feeling that I will be more involved as well!

James Hardie Social Media for Home Improvement Webinar - October 19, 2011

You may have seen James Hardie more than you have heard of it.  They make beautiful and long lasting exteriors for homes.  They also have been doing a great job of educating home improvement contractors on how to be better marketers. In September, Tom Audette from Three Deep hosted a webinar on online marketing.  This month we were asked back to talk about social media where we provided some great examples of social media for the home improvement industry.  Check out our 55 minute webinar below!

University of St. Thomas MBA Lunch and Learn - October 20, 2011

You either love your alma mater or are indifferent.  I love mine, so I take every chance I can get to give back to the community that gave me many major life and business skills.  The presentation was to 15 MBA's who are interested in career opportunities in Interactive marketing.  I provided stories about how Three Deep became a company, my career path, and what we look for in new candidates.

They must have taken the advice to heart, because I got 5 business cards and 6 LinkedIn invites within hours of the session!

Google Analytics Training - October 25, 2011

Ever since we became a Google Analytics Certified Partner in 2009, we have received many requests for Google Analytics training.  We didn't have anything to give them until we partnered up with Demandquest to offer Google Analytics Training in Minneapolis.  Depending on demand for future sessions and turnout, it would be great to do these educational events every 3-6 months.

Guest Blogs

Without even knowing it, I posted more on external blogs than I did on my personal blog or Three Deep:

Everything Else

Met with two of the largest insurance companies in the US, had introductions with three Minnesota based Fortune 500 companies and I will be doing a lunch and learn with a local PR firm.  Oh yeah, I'm also a groomsman in the wedding of a fellow Partner at Three Deep.

October has been a jam packed month, but it has also been among the most exciting months we've had at Three Deep.  Now we just need to figure out how to top it in November and beyond!