In December, several members of the Three Deep team attended an event at Google's offices in Manhattan, NYC.  Google's offices made for an intimate setting, and compelling presentations from BabyCenter's Tina Starkey and Google's Jim Lecinski made for a particularly worthwhile event for our team to attend.  Since many of our clients tend to be in the business of marketing to moms (and we often execute these marketing programs), this event was right in our sweet spot.

Parisian Love

The event started with a quick video that was produced by Google that told a love story through search.  It was a compelling video and told a great story of a long distance relationship where the subjects are brought together through the magic of Google.

You may recognize this video from the Super Bowl... I know that I did!  While watching this during the Super Bowl, I had a serious case of Déjà vu; I knew that I had seen the video before, but couldn't remember where.   Now I can say that I saw Google's first ever TV commercial several months before it was shown on live TV!

Mom Online, Mom and Search


The first speaker of the day was Tina Starkey, president of Baby Center. Her presentation unveiled some brand new research that had been conducted by her team. Several interesting nuggets of information were revealed in Baby Center's 21st Century Mom Report.

Next, Jim Lecinski of Google took the stage and presented Google's primary research called "The Four Truths About Moms and Search" - which put some structure and statistics around the search habits of moms online.

The event concluded with a round table discussion featuring high level marketing minds from Proctor and Gamble, Kraft Foods, Baby Center and Google.  The format of the discussion was very informative and the answers were genuinely inspiring.

Some key takeaways we learned from the event:

  • Marketers big and small are still trying to figure out the best way to utilize Social media
  • Many social media successes at CPG companies are unofficial/underfunded projects that are created by ingenious individuals within the organization creating them during their spare time
  • Even though Social Media is seeing rapid adoption, it's still a surface level communication tactic; it lacks the depth and stickiness necessary to form long term brand loyalty
  • Search is widely adopted among moms, to the tune that 85% of moms use search, and search is the most utilized online activity of all moms.
  • Television is very important for reaching moms (83%), and should always be considered for a well rounded campaign
  • There isn't a silver bullet tactic that will reach all moms; all touch points should be considered to provide the best results

Attend the Momdotcom Webinar

Today, Google is hosting a webinar to share this research with the entire world. For those of you who are interested in attending the webinar, you can register here:

Date: Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm EST, 12:00pm – 1:00pm PST

Register for this MomDotCom webinar

For those of you who don't have the time to sit in on this webinar, I have provided some useful resources below, as well as my live "tweet stream" of notes that I posted to Twitter while in attendance at the event.

Resources for Mom Online

Here are some links to research and blog posts about the event, and other articles of note:

Three Deep's Live #Momdotcom Tweet Stream


Three Deep will be live tweeting the google/baby center #momdotcom event
12:18 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

Tina Sharkey, babycenter president, invented the term social media #momdotcom
12:20 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

A new mother is born every 7 seconds in the us #momdotcom
12:24 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

46% of conversations between moms with 6 month olds involve the word "cereal" #momdotcom
12:50 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

Some very interesting statistics about Hispanic moms #momdotcom
1:01 PM Dec 2nd, 2009 a scene from the #momdotcom event with babycenter president Tina sharkey
1:08 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

When it comes to food choices for mom "health trumps choice" #momdotcom
1:13 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

Correction, health trumps price
1:22 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

4 truths of search and moms: 1) stork delivers search. 2) moms become black belts in search. 3) search is moms gps to store #momdotcom
1:42 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

4 truths of search: 4) search is moms backup brain. #momdotcom
1:43 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

Surprising stat: 85% of moms use search, which is higher than any other online activity (including email) #momdotcom
1:44 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

78% of moms type in brand terms in search engines (make sure your brand is visible for these queries) #momdotcom
1:48 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

TV prompts search usage - 83% of moms search for products based on seeing product in TV commercial #momdotcom
1:52 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

72% of moms delegate recipe searches to search engines #momdotcom
2:02 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

So true RT @BabyCenterMom: Kraft and pampers say search is a vital way to reach moms ..... Way before the baby comes. #momdotcom
2:54 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

Great thoughts on CPG ecommerce - something that we deal with quite often. Good to see we share similar approaches #momdotcom
3:14 PM Dec 2nd, 2009

ROI of social media? #elephantintheroom #momdotcom
3:19 PM Dec 2nd, 2009