Exciting news everyone. We’re moving to a new office!

Over the past five years, Three Deep Marketing has doubled in size. In 2010, our team consisted of 22 marketers and we have grown to our current number of 48! Three Deep has also doubled its clients in that same time period. All of this growth has exceeded our expectations, and our office capacity.

Don’t worry, we’re not moving too far away. Our new location is only three blocks down the street from our current office. This December, you’ll be able to find us in the newly renovated Market House building located directly across the street from CHS Field in Lowertown Saint Paul. Not only is it close, it’s a lot bigger which is perfect for a growing organization like Three Deep.

Our new location is much larger than our previous office. It has 11 more executive offices and 8 more conference rooms. Right now, we’re a team of 48 and the new space will allow us to grow to nearly 90 people and still be comfortable.

Why Lowertown? It’s simple, our team loves Saint Paul and we plan to make it our permanent home. And Lowertown is a natural fit for a marketing agency. It’s creative, hip, and filled with activities and entertainment our team enjoys.

Here’s our new address. We are planning a ribbon cutting and open house on January 13th. And if you’re ever in the area please stop by and say hello!

Three Deep Marketing
289 5th Street E.
2nd Floor
Saint Paul, MN 55101

New Office. New [Digital] Address.   

Moving to a new office is not a small task. There is a ton of work that goes into finding a new work home. Some tasks are obvious like finding the location, packing, moving and completing a change of address form. All of these are required, but there is more… A lot more.

As a digital marketing company, we’re not only focused on our new physical location – we also know about our digital footprint. Many businesses complete one simple change of address form with the U.S. Post Office and assume their new location will be known. Yes, you should complete a change of address form. That is the first step in having the letter carrier find any new location, but what about everyone else? People who are searching on Google, Yelp and other digital platforms need to find your business. At Three Deep, we are a digital agency and we are experts in building a digital footprint for all types of businesses.

As part of our move, we are providing all of the actions involved in changing our digital address. This will be published in an upcoming case study. If you ask why we’re sharing our results, it’s to provide a “how to” manual of sorts for any marketing professionals who have any new locations coming up. Beyond the digital stats we plan to share, we also have photos of our new place. Please enjoy, and I’m serious about stopping buy to say hello anytime.

Here are some photos of the new space. We'll try to add some more as we go...

office1 office2 office3 office4 office5