#MayPac Pastime Sport with New Technology

Many of us know Twitter as a fundamental social media platform. We use it to support our digital marketing campaigns, share details about our personal lives, and even to keep up on celebrity gossip. Recently Twitter added Periscope, a live streaming application to its portfolio. Like many new technologies, users are still trying to discover how Periscope will provide value. However, the live streaming app showed game changing potential during last week’s MayPac boxing match, as many people used the social media platform to circumvent cable companies by live streaming the fight.

How to Make Your Responsive Site Better

The way we use the internet has radically changed over the past few years. Now more people access the web from a mobile device than their desktop computer. As a marketing professional, your response should be responsive websites. It’s the best way to ensure your site is friendly for any device. See how you can make your responsive site better.

Airbnb Does Travel and Content Marketing

Airbnb is an online marketplace for vacation lodging and rentals. Since its launch in 2008, Airbnb has over 800,000 listings in over 33,000 cities across the world. Vanessa Schnider from Airbnb shared some advice on content localization in this Q&A. While it doesn’t tell the whole story behind Airbnb’s growth, it does provide some great tips for content marketing.

Facebook’s Engagement Marketing Comes Through for a Cause

Facebook is a platform that connects people. It helps friends and family keep in touch, whether they live in the same town or on different continents. But it's more than just a social networking site, Facebook is making an impact on the global landscape. In the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal, Facebook launched and engagement campaign to support relief efforts. The results show the power of social media and engagement marketing.

Agile World Meets Quality Assurance

Agile is the next big thing in web development. So what’s its impact on website testing? Dan North, a testing expert shares his experience and the shifts being made to support agile as an industry norm.