Sweet - she's on-time...

My wife travels often for work, and by default, I usually act as her own personal car service.  As such, I am found using search for a flight status for whatever airline she may be flying that week.

Somewhere between April's Delta flight from Monterey and November's American Airlines flight from Indianapolis, Google has become fantastic at showing me the information I’m looking right on the SERP (search engine results page), above the organic listings without ever having to leave the search engine.  Every bit of information I’m looking for is right there.

Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough to have a Google enabled phone, you just push the Google Voice Search button, say the airline and flight number and, voila, the information you need is at your fingertips – making it very user-friendly to search while driving as well.

It ‘s a simple, small addition, but it really cuts down on the clicking and information entry I used to have to endure to find the info I needed, and to have that info at my finger-tips with just two taps of the screen while driving (is that illegal?) is VERY convenient.

According to Google’s latest press release this week, search results like I’ve mentioned above have been expanded to include tracking information for major shipping companies, current weather conditions in most large cities, and you can even find out if your favorite team is winning mid-game.  Offering search results like this will be vital for Google as they try to maintain their momentum in gaining market share from the likes of the other obsolete search engines, and the new kid on the block. 

In 2010, our roles as search marketers will be to embrace these changes to Google and other search engines, and advise our clients on how this best applies to their business.  I am looking forward to it!