A couple weeks ago we received a package from Google. It was a bunch branded tumblers, a pretty cool promo item to say the least. Then more boxes arrived from Google. These were filled with candy popcorn, a plaque and really heavy hunk of glass. The search engine sent us all of these cool gifts to recognize our Premier Google Partner status – something we think is pretty cool!


As a digital marketing agency, we’ve been a Google Partner for over ten years. In fact, we were one of the first companies in the Midwest to be Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified at the agency level. I know, it sounds like I’m bragging, but I’m not. We use Google technology with nearly all of our clients. And earlier this year, we were recognized as one of the Top Google Technology Providers – okay, now I’m bragging…

My point, being a Google Partner is not new to us, they just have a new "Premier" status that recognizes agencies who have Partner Profiles, multiple Google Certified employees, demonstrated growth in campaign performance, and meet higher ad spend requirements. Our team just happens to fit their Premier criteria.

Yes, one of the requirements is spending more advertising dollars with their platform, and our [clients] ad spend continues to increase. A lot of this is due to the digital transformation that is taking place. 2016 is the first year in history where more money will be spent on digital advertising than television advertising. Knowing more companies are ditching TV in favor of digital definitely helps make Premier Partner is attainable for many Google Partners.

Digital advertising has also advanced far beyond banner and text ads. That’s right, the Google platform is sophisticated allowing Brands to micro-target their audience on YouTube, G-mail, and more. My point is simple, companies are spending more on digital advertising and Google is providing rewards – THANK YOU!


As a Premier Google Partner, our entire agency has access to:

Advanced Education – The world of online marketing is constantly changing. Google helps our team stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve by providing exclusive training for its Premier Partners.

Support – Yes, even us digital marketing pros have questions from time-to-time. Our team has access to Google product experts and a dedicated Google team who can share industry trends, performance analyses, and competitive benchmarks that help us deliver winning campaigns for our clients.

Rewards – Obviously, that basically what this post is about. The search engine provides recognizes hard work from our agency and others.


Thank you Google for being an amazing partner for growing digital agencies like Three Deep!

As you can tell, we’re proud of our Google Partnership and clearly recognize how we’re able to share these benefits with our clients. If you’re interested learning how to use Google Technology, start here. And if you have any questions along the way, we're happy to help.