Search Engine Optimization. Wikipedia defines it as "the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results".

To me, it is really two things:

  1. The practice of making your website as accessible as possible to search engines.
  2. Ensuring your website is as useful and relevant as possible to your current and prospective customers.

These two fundamental aspects of SEO are mission critical for any online business. They can mean the difference in winning or losing when people are searching for a solution for their particular problem online. Now, if you're counting on garnering support online for something like a presidential campaign, proper optimization of your website is one of the key elements for winning the election.

As we all know, good technical SEO health means more organic visits to your website. More visits to your website can lead to more support for your brand or cause. If you are a presidential candidate, the more support you have digitally leads to more votes for you in the election.

Therefore, better SEO = better chance at becoming president. 

We took a look at the websites for the two front runners in this year's election and filtered the data through our own SEO Scan to see how they measured up from a technical SEO standpoint. Specifically, we looked at server response codes, URL structure, and metadata issues along with other foundational SEO elements. Each aspect is weighted to produce a final score from 0-100.

The results? Well, take a look for yourself in the infographic below.

Take a look at the comprehensive SEO scan reports for each candidate at the following links:

Donald Trump SEO Scan

Hillary Clinton SEO Scan


Presidential SEOInfographic

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