Another question we answered during the RFP process for a potential client.  As you can see, they did their homework.  Fortunately, our answers to the question below, as well as our questions about performance based SEO and others helped us get the gig!

What are the practical search engine changes you see that are going to impact your SEO in 2009?

1) Personalization of search rankings is increasing every day with new techniques. As a result, it is becoming more important to make sure that the title and description of each page (Meta data) is targeted and relevant to the keyword being searched. Targeted and relevant titles and descriptions will result in more searchers clicking through to <yoursite>.com, and also more people “voting” for your site in their personalized results.

2) Blended search results are also becoming more prominent on search pages. Blended results include a variety of techniques such as placing links to images results, news results, product search results, etc. in a search engine results page. Google does this on quite a few search results pages, and Yahoo’s BOSS is picking up momentum as well.

3) Mobile search results should be considered as well. With the adoption of smart phones with full HTML browsers, more and more phone users will be searching from their phone. This opens a larger potential audience for web sites, but

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