I’ve discovered that great ideas and debate happen over a pint of beer. Okay, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Debating over a pint is almost a ritual of sorts. It’s enough of a habit that the Guinness Book of World Records was born from a pub argument and cemented itself as the official way of settling verbal disagreements in bars around the world.

Noticing how beer can inspire good conversation, I’ve been trying something new at work lately. Something I call STRATEGY OVER SUDS where I chat digital marketing strategy while drinking beer – brilliant, I know!

Some say I have an excuse to drink beer at work, which is nice but before assuming I’m that big of a lush, remember good banter happens over a pint. In fact, the conversations have been so good I’ve started Facebook Live streaming the events to share with others who are interested.

I should also note that I never drink alone, so I invite really smart people to drink beer with me and share their knowledge with all of you. All of the Facebook Live events are on the Three Deep Facebook page, but I’ve started an archive of the series here along with some helpful resources. I hope you enjoy these conversations and please feel free to ask questions or suggest ideas for future conversations in the comments.

Strategy Over Suds: Google Analytics

Google Analytics, most marketers have heard of it, however using it can be a different story. Rick and I dive into this topic over a pint. I’m tasting a hard cider (still a pint) while Rick enjoys a Belgian style.

Strategy Over Suds: Consumer Personas

Oh, consumer personas, the semi-fictional description of your ideal customer. They’re more popular than ever and we chat about how to avoid some common mistakes along with some strategies to enhance your personas. As always, our discussion happened over a pint. I’m drinking a seasonably festive Oktoberfest and Dave is enjoying a wheat ale.   Here's links to the blogs mentioned:

Strategy Over Suds: Central Contact Centre

The internet has changed how people shop. In many cases, consumers have already made their mind about buying something before interacting with whoever is selling it. Recently, that was my story and the difference in response times from brands inspired this conversation about lead management and response times. Dan and I chat about it over a wheat ale.

Duplicate Content No-No’s

It’s a given that copying your classmate’s paper in school is frowned upon, but it’s also a no-no in the world of SEO. I get into this topic with Abel and he shares details on how even copying your own assets across multiple pages can confuse search engines and some strategies to avoid this problem. In this edition, I'm drinking a Belgian Style Pilsner and Abel is filling up on some Hard Cider, which he reminded me is still a pint even if it’s not technically beer.

Local SEO

Andy and I talk all things local SEO. Each of us is enjoying an IPA while he shares Name, Address, Phone (NAP) Strategies and details about the guest blog he wrote for Moz. When it comes to SEO, Andy really knows his stuff!

Here’s a link to Andy’s blog articles along with a helpful ebook on Local SEO.

Landing Pages

I chat landing pages and conversion strategy with Carie. She’s really smart and both of us like to drink beer, so this was a fun segment. Also the first one we recorded so that’s pretty cool as well. I’m drinking an IPA while Carie is sipping on an American style wheat beer.

Here’s a link to Carie’s blog on Landing Pages along with a handful of other resources you might like.