Google made updates today and we all survived. At least for now... Okay, so what some people have referred to as MOBILE-GEDDON may not be as frightening as the Y2K Millennium bug, but it’s likely to have a major impact on your website’s organic search. As a savvy digital marketer, you know that ranking lower in organic search can lead to…

…Less people finding your site,
Which leads to less business prospects,
Which leads to fewer sales,
Which leads to lower revenue,
Which leads to… Okay so you get the point. And why we say we survived for now!

Before we get too much further into how the Google mobile-friendly update can affect your site, let’s take a step back and give you the general info on the change.

Basically more people are using mobile devices to access the internet, so often mobile now accounts for roughly 60 percent of traffic. Of course the results very depending on which study you read, but you get the point. To recognize this, Google is improving the experience for people using smartphones by favoring mobile-friendly websites and demoting sites that are not. All this leads to less pinching and expanding on mobile devices and a better experience for everyone who is using their phone to access the internet.

So you ask, how can I tell if my site is mobile-friendly? There’s certainly a number of ways to identify if your site is mobile-friendly. A super-easy way is to complete this mobile-friendly test.

Your next question is, what will happen if my website is not mobile-friendly? The overarching opinion is that the traffic you receive from organic search will drop. The rationale is smartphone usage is so high not being mobile-friendly will effectively lower your search-ability to the majority of users searching Google.

And then you ask, how much will my traffic decrease? Well, the change was just implemented, so it’s too early to exactly tell. However, experts are indicating that the change will be bigger than Google’s previous Panda and Penguin updates. In short, it has the opportunity to be a seismic shift.

The lesson here, don’t wait until it’s too late and become mobile friendly now! If you need help, here are 10 Best Practices for Success and don’t forget, Web Design is Another Key Element of Mobile-Friendly.