The Comedy of Content Marketing

If you work for a large company, it’s likely you’ve had a visit from a satire or sketch comedy theater sharing the power of the “yes, and” improv mantra. It’s teambuilding, and it’s more creative than your father’s HR retreats, right? Now Second City is taking the world of sketch and improv comedy to new heights for businesses. They’re showing how comedy and content marketing can work together. And the comedy theater is more than qualified to teach about this topic. They’ve launched the careers of Tina Fey, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and many more of the most recognizable comedians and comedy writers. So yeah, they might know more than any other organization does about creating unique and memorable content. Now you can see their Serious Approach to Comedy in Content Marketing.


Top Gun Marketing

If your marketing strategy includes events or tradeshows – then you’ll need to plan ahead. And part of that planning is organizing the right team for the job. While top sales people often come to mind to close new business, don’t forget about your top marketing staff as well. Marketers make the best wingmen because of their enormous insight into buyers’ motivations and behaviors.


What Your Baby Photo Says About Your Career

What can your baby photo tell you about your career? It turns out, more than you think. See what our HR team learned from our recent baby photo contest.


Why Landing Pages Should be “One Way”

Landing pages stand alone from larger websites. And that’s a good thing. By eliminating all of the distractions (navigation, social sharing, and other links), landing pages are able to focus on one thing, conversion. See the weird and wonderful ways you never thought to use landing pages. It’ll inspire you and enhance your campaigns.


What’s Your Social Media Style [InfoGraphic]

Okay, so social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn have been around for roughly a decade. But the marketing careers related to them are still being defined in many ways. The Social Media Managers InfoGraphic shares 7 different styles of social media management. So, if you’re building your team of community managers, here’s some of what to expect.


The Best Ideas for User-Generated Content

Technology has caused a paradigm shift. Now everyone has the ability to be a publisher. Don’t believe me, just look at YouTube, Twitter, or any blog platform. In fact, internet users make up roughly 80% of the content on the web. This is a giant shift from news and entertainment coming from a small amount of newscast or television networks. Okay, so I’ve made my point about user-generated content. If you’re wondering how you can jump into this world – check out 4 User-Generated Content Marketing Campaign Ideas.


UX and SEO Go Hand in Hand

Is fussing over keywords less necessary for SEO? Does User Experience help a site rank in Google? Read the facts, you may be surprised by what you find!


12 Things Essential to Your Homepage Success

Building a website is not a small task. If you’re beginning this process anytime soon, you’ll want to see the 12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have.


Additional Sales from Your Thank You Page

Many eCommerce experiences conclude with a thank you page. And why not, they communicate the brand’s gratitude and also confirm that a transaction has taken place. Is there room for an another benefit? Um yeah, is the correct response. Discover untapped revenue with 7 ways to increase conversion rates on your thank you pages.


Businesses Suck at Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest… The list goes on and on. And let’s be realistic everyone is doing it. It’s the thing to do, but are businesses doing it well? See how you can boost your social media know how with this indispensable guide for business.


10 Years of Google Analytics

Back in 2003 Google bought a company called Urchin Software, and subsequently launched the first free, commercial-grade analytics platform. How time flies!