Infographic: Mobile and Responsive is Here to Stay
June is right around the corner, yet the hangover from April’s MobileGeddon still remains. Get used to it, as mobile internet use continues to rise, businesses need to modify their marketing to remain relevant in the future. Simply said, go mobile… Or go home. Don’t believe us, see it for yourself in the latest Marketo Infographic. It’ll give you the quick tips you need to stay relevant in a world gone mobile!

How Involved are You in the Buyer’s Journey?
The buyer’s journey is an essential framework in creating a content marketing strategy. Savvy marketers recognize buyer’s behaviors as they progress through the customer lifecycle. However, some studies shows up to 70% of buyers feel they are traveling this journey alone. See how marketing automation can help you keep pace with buyers along their journey and nurture them through a lifecycle of awareness, consideration and decision making.

Digital Marketing as an Omnichannel to Reach Consumers
Are online stores in direct competition with brick-and-mortar locations? A recent study says the opposite, indicating that digital efforts support both online and physical store sales. Not only that, the data shows retailers seriously underestimate the influence digital marketing has on sales across the board. So has digital become an omnichannel to reach consumers? View the research results in this infographic and you’ll likely answer yes to that question. And after all it is 2015, which means it’s time to understand the influence of digital marketing.

PPC Pros Tackle Common AdWords Questions and Mistakes
How often do you have questions about Google Adwords? The Three Deep Marketing team is filled with digital marketing experts. This week Scott Pearson from our team chats with three of our certified pay-per-click experts to give you valuable insights on some of the frequently asked questions about Google AdWords. We hope this roundtable style post will guide you down the AdWords path in your marketing journey. And if not, we’re here to help!

What's the Word? Successful Ways to Market Content to Boost Your Biz.
Blogging is still hot! In fact, it’s the backbone of content marketing in many ways. If you’re looking for tips on keeping up the blogging pace, driving traffic to your site and mixing things up on your blog – then you’re in luck! Taylor Pettis from the Three Deep Marketing team shares some success ways content can boost your business. Catch it all in The Scoop from Meeting Pages.