Welcome to the third edition of The Search (formerly called What's Hott), a weekly recap of all the interesting posts from the areas we deal with most in online marketing: paid search, social media, web development, web analytics, SEO, project management, and mobile marketing. Check back each week to stay on top of the latest and greatest techniques in online marketing so that you can improve your skills and better serve your clients. Enjoy!

Paid Search

If you are seeking a way to discover more keywords for your PPC campaign and improve your account's overall performance, check out these paid search related pieces for more clicks and conversions.


Looking at links? We are with these top SEO-related posts from the last week. Whether you're creating canonical links to redirect your pages or working on a link building campaign, these resources will help you get results.

Social Media

This week's social media headlines focus on the human element of social media. These articles will discuss everything from the broad human influence on social media to specific needs such as reputation management and how to utilize your community for crowdsourcing. Check them out!


Looking to get started with mobile marketing? Have no fear. These mobile-related posts from last week take you through a mobile strategy, from the beginning, to mobile optimization, rules of engagement and finally case studies regarding this medium. Take a look.

Project Management

Do you know why some projects fail? With these top project management related articles, you can learn why a project may fail and how to improve with empowered project teams, scarce resource solutions and more.


Web Analytics

We love analytics at Three Deep, and these three articles are great to take your web analytics to the next level. A special mention to Avinash Kaushik for his 5th year of blogging at Occam's Razor, we enjoy your blog and look forward to the next five years of your insights.