Welcome to the fifth edition of The Search, a weekly recap of all the interesting posts from the areas we deal with most: paid search, social media, web development, web analytics, SEO, and mobile marketing. Check back each week to stay on top of the latest and greatest techniques in online marketing so that you can improve your skills and better serve your clients. Enjoy!

Paid Search

This week's paid search posts focused on targeting for the moment of conversion, how to properly target for that moment and write copy that converts in that moment. Check out the posts!

Search Engine Optimization

This week in SEO, we're going back to basics. Learn about what should be in your SEO Toolbox from SEO Book, as well as SEO basic experiments with the new social network, Google+. Find out more in the links below:

Social Media

The big news in social this week is obviously around Google's launch of the Google+ network, but we've also included some great posts from Brian Solis and Smedio on social media strategy and social spam.

Web Analytics

In the midst of ever-changing social plugins, it may get difficult to track what the "likes" "tweets" and "+1" mean for your business. The Google Analytics blog breaks this down in their post:


Google has released some great innovations for their mobile platform. Be sure to check out their new transit navigation and updated Google Docs. In other news, Smedio covers the rise of smartphone purchases and how that affects the mobile industry.

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