Welcome to the sixth edition of The Search, a weekly recap of all the interesting articles from the areas we deal with most: paid search, social media, web development, web analytics, SEO, and mobile marketing. Check back each week to stay on top of the latest and greatest techniques in online marketing so that you can improve your skills and better serve your clients. Enjoy!

Paid Search

This week's paid search posts focused on measuring keywords, strategies for remarketing success, segmentation and settings in the Google Display Network. Take a look!

Search Engine Optimization

This week in SEO, we're covering two of Google's latest releases, changes to the Panda algorithm and of course, Google+. Also Coconut Headphones covers the best kept secret in SEOmoz's tools. Check them out!

Social Media

In social media, much of the news around Google+ has subsided. The social media articles for this week focus on Social Media Optimization, sharing, globalization and the prospect of social business. Put one on your reading list today!

Web Analytics

Web Analytics this week tackles the basics of free web analytics tools, best practices and campaign analysis for email marketing and how an analytically empowered organization differs from most. Check them out!


As mobile continues to further develop, so does the scope of their blog coverage. Take a look at these articles surrounding mobile CRM and mobile payments today!

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