Welcome to the ninth edition of The Search, a weekly recap of the articles we find most interesting from our service areas: paid search, project management, social media, web analytics, search engine optimization, email, and mobile marketing. Check back each week for the latest edition of The Search to stay on top of the latest and greatest techniques in online marketing so that you can improve your skills and better serve your clients. Enjoy!


Paid Search

This week, no matter if you do paid search for a large client or a small business, these blogs have you covered. Take a look at last week's top online marketing articles regarding Paid Search.

Search Engine Optimization

If you're going local in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, take a look at last week's article from Coconut Headphones. We at Three Deep also wish to enter the pool of online marketing articles with our discussion on Google's change to SERPs and what that means for brands.

Social Media

Looking for how to target your niche or drive facebook traffic to your website? Take a look at these top online marketing articles in the social media sphere for more information.


Our top mobile marketing articles dive deep this week, focusing on customer retention and how to add a human touch to your mobile experiences. Check out the top online marketing articles for mobile marketing today.


Our email articles this week take a look at the holistic approach to email marketing, from initial sign up forms and list building, to the welcome email. Jump in with these top online marketing articles regarding email marketing today!

Project Management

When you get started as a new project manager on a project, there are a few things to cover, as well as when you are working in resilient projects. Time to take a look at the top online marketing articles for project management!

Web Analytics

Are you an avid Google Analytics fan? You will love these articles regarding customer engagement and the definition of a visit change. But, if you're not such an avid supporter, you will enjoy the article from SEO Book arguing why you may wish to use variety of web analytics tools. Head over to these top online marketing articles surrounding web analytics for more info.