So you know how weekdays can seem routine? You get up, shower, get dressed, drive to work, do your thing, go to lunch, do more of that thing, go home, watch TV, go to bed  x 5  (intersperse exercise, personal development and significant others as needed).  You know what I mean; even the best offices can become monotonous after a while. Until a challenge comes along; the ultimate test of man versus man.  I'm sure you can imagine where I'm going with this.... That's right, the cook off.

Tony and Nicole

Nothing divides a team faster than the opportunity to best one another in their culinary skills. The Three Deep team is known to be a pretty nerdy, data driven crew. Yet, when asked us to have an office-wide cook off utilizing branded products and recipes from their website, perfectly amiable co-workers (who normally enjoy having a beer together after work) became evaporated milk adversaries.

From side dishes to main courses, desserts and smoothies we cooked and heated, blended and assembled. The array of offerings was awe-inspiring. We had folks who went out of their way to find branded products that others might not have thought of - La Lechera in addition to Carnation condensed milk and Pure Life water instead of plain old tap water.  It wasn't just about making the best food with; it was about becoming

The Three Deepers quickly fell into two categories: the over-achievers who created the most complex recipes and brought multiple recipe creations (Hello, three four-star recipes?) and those who were just meeting their kitchen for the first time. Cooking skill notwithstanding, the foodies and the microwavers were all convinced that they were the clear winner. When judging time came, the Three Deep kitchen was full of employees tasting, laughing, talking and voting.

In the end, there could only be six winners (well, eight... we had to add to the list):

1. Golden Summer Corn Soup – What a Tasty Delight!

2.  Cheesecake Cookie Cups - Looks Amazing and That Counts too!

3. Deep Fried Tortellini with Buitoni Marinara sauce - Good Effort, Good Effort

4. Quattro Formaggi Ravioli with Pesto and Asparagus - Best Use of Products

5. Cheese and Chicken Enchiladas - Excellent Use of Smells

6. Zesty Lemon Pound Cake - It Tastes Great Just Don't Look At It

7. Stouffer’s Easy Express Rigatoni with Chicken - Best Use of Packaging and Directions (yeah, he brought in boxed product and microwaved it)

8. Tropical Sunrise Smoothie - Best Friday Morning Wake Up (We were all greeted with a smoothie when we walked into the office that day!)

As it turned out there were no brawls for a title – everyone was too full and concerned about the solidity of their pants seams. We love clients who encourage us to compete and eat. Thanks!