It's funny how in a country with hundreds of millions of people, the world can seem really small through Social Media.  This past Thursday, two members of Three Deep - Brandon Smith (aka @bg3dppc on Twitter) and Jeff Sauer (@jeffsauer) attended a gathering of Twitter users in the Twin Cities at an event called the Minneapolis Tweetup.

The event was held at the Bulldog in NE Minneapolis, which is one of the better restaurant/bars in the Twin Cities, and the promise of free food and cocktails made it an event not to be missed.

We met some great people at the event (@kareemy, @ddn, @swineheart, @paulmalenke to name a few) and called a successful event after about 2 hours - and decided to leave the happy hour around 8 PM.  After driving home, I logged on to check my Twitter account and noticed some interesting news about the event:


Yes, all signs pointed to Mark Cuban actually being in attendance at our local area Tweetup!  I did some quick reference checking on the Internet to see if the Mavericks were playing the Timberwolves or if there were another reason why Cuban would actually be in town... and it all checked out.  Within minutes, I was back in my car on my way to the Bulldog.


Thankfully, I don't live very far away from the event, so I spent the 10 minute car ride lamenting what I will say to Mark Cuban if he's actually there in person.

I decided that I was going to simply tell him that one his writings, a blog post called Success and Motivation, has been an instrumental to me in my life as an entrepreneur.  In this series of articles, he intimately and publicly lays out the steps that he took to become a successful entrepreneur, and how he developed his extraordinary vision and forward thinking attitude toward the application of technology.

Pretty deep conversation plan for a "tweetup" - but by this point, I didn't really care.  In life, you only get a few chances to talk with a pioneer in your field.  Furthermore, they never show up on your doorstep, ready to engage in a conversation about your profession.  I had to make the most out of it.

I made my approach, joined a circle of people surrounding Cubes (as he's known in the movie Step Brothers), and waited for my opportunity... eventually tapping him on the shoulder to say:

"Success and Motivation was really great - thank you for sharing everything"

Cuban: "yeah man, I really enjoyed writing it"

Pretty standard response for him I'm sure, especially from a random person approaching him at a Twitter gathering... but not something that warranted further engagement.

Over the next 30 minutes, I joined a circle of people forming around Cuban discussing all kinds of topics, including:

  • Dallas Mavericks - players traded, fines accrued, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship and how Cubes made his mark
  • Investments he has made/is making in companies
  • Applications of Twitter in the real world
  • Athletes who use Twitter, and its implications
  • Shaq's use of Twitter, and whether he really uses it (to which I contributed that I hired Larry Johnson to run my Twitter account... brought the house down!)

Jeff Sauer and Mark CubanAll in all, the group had some great conversation, and Mark Cuban proved to be about as real as they come.  He even let me pose for a picture with him!

Just about every day I talk to someone who asks me the question "what is the point of Twitter anyway?"

Sometimes I have trouble telling them, but my most common response is:

"It's a form of communication that makes everyone more accessible.  There is no other medium that makes it this easy to interact with people.  Generally there is a lot of friction in communication.  Twitter removes this friction."

Twitter brought Mark Cuban to a group of social media aficionados in the Minneapolis area.  If you ever wonder why you should use Twitter, it's all about accessibility and frictionless communication.  Whether you are an end user or a content publisher, people are talking.

Do you care to join the conversation?