Holidays are the perfect time to donate to those in need.

Alan Millard, our Network Administrator, came up with a great idea to help those in need. Here is his story…


Greg Martin owns a small computer recycling business in Belgrade, MN called Bel Re-Tech. I worked for Greg for a couple of years when I was in high school, and bought my first car from him.

Over the last few years, Greg has been volunteering for a local organization called E-Quip Africa and encouraging people who recycle computers through him to donate PCs to schools and libraries in Ghana. He’s made several trips to Africa over the years to help set up and educate the recipients.

Early this year, I noticed that we had an excess of old, but still workable laptops which could not be put back into circulation in our organization. I remembered my work for Greg and his computer recycling business, and his association with E-Quip Africa. I contacted Greg to see if we could donate our laptops to them for refurbishment. He responded, saying it would be great to have these laptops and that he’d make a trip to the cities from Belgrade to pick them up.


Several months later, on November 18th, Greg posted a few pictures of some people sitting at desks outside with Lenovo laptops in front of them. It turned out they were ours. It was really fantastic when Greg wrote, “I’ve gotta tell you Alan; we could not have done the training without them.”

I knew that the laptops were going to a good cause, but it was really something else to see our own laptops come up in a post about Greg’s trip to Africa. As a whole I feel Three Deep should be proud to support a community in such a direct, immediately observable way. I’m sure we’ll be doing this again soon.

Happy Holidays!