When you are going at 100MPH without a rearview mirror, it's difficult to reflect on how far you have come. When we were recently featured in the Star Tribune last week, I had that same feeling. When we were first featured in the paper in January of 2010, the company looked a lot different from what you see today. We have grown both our revenue and employee count between 100 and 200% in just two years. And our best years are still ahead of us, especially with our great team in place and technology like Crossfuse in the mix.

We appreciate being featured in the Star Tribune and hope that you might find the article enlightening as well!

Other Exciting Developments

Right around the time that our Star Tribune article was published, we became a sponsor of TECHdotMN. Many of our team members actively participate in their events, and the TECHdotMN folks graciously wrote a post about our Crossfuse platform a few months ago. We are very excited to be sponsoring such a great organization, and appreciate that they donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. Thanks for having us Jeff and Mike!

Crossfuse got in the news a third time via Enhance Insurance, a site run by our business partner Agoragate Insurance. We are proud about the recent endorsement of Enhance Insurance by the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents, and the opportunity to help numerous independent insurance agents in generating more leads for their business.

Along with our James Hardie press release, we are encouraged by the amount of press that Crossfuse has received, directly or indirectly for the first half of 2012. We are looking forward to going 110MPH in the second half of 2012.