Those who are familiar with our company and our culture know that we are constantly thriving to be thought leaders in our industry. Our blog has proven to be an excellent channel for conveying useful information to our peers. By extension, many of our employees use Twitter and other social networks to further extend our reach.

To make keeping up with Three Deep one step easier for our followers, we have recently created a mobile application (or app) for iPhone and iPod Touch users. After all, we figured if Seth Godin has an app, we probably should too!

This flashy piece of digital goodness serves up our company blog, as well as Twitter feeds from individual team members that are frequently posting on industry trends, best practices, and even a bit of humor.

The app. is named simply Three Deep, and can be downloaded at no cost from the iTunes App Store or by clicking the link below. If you like the app, please be sure to rate and comment. Enjoy!

Click here to download the Three Deep iPhone/iPod Touch Application

For our followers that do not have and iPhone or iPod Touch, there are many other ways to keep up with what's going on at Three Deep. You can follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and by subscribing to our RSS Feed.