Web Design is So Yesterday

Move over web design. It’s time to make room for UX. Yes, the shift from web pages to digital products, tools and ecosystems is happening now. Here are five symptoms that show web design is dead and web services and content that finds users is on the rise.


6 Secrets to Lead Generation: Create High Conversion Online Leads [Free Webinar]

Three Deep Marketing continues its webinar series. Join us on Wednesday, July 22nd to learn more about the key elements to generating high conversion leads online. Dan Derosier, Vice President of Sales at Three Deep will lead this session. Bring your channel marketing and business development questions and Dan will answer them for you during this hour-long presentation.


Apple Search + iOS Indexing = The New Frontier of SEO

Apple recently announced methods for indexing deep content within apps. This means the concept of SEO will have to expand to include optimization of app content for inclusion in the Apple and Google indexes. Many SEO experts are still scrambling to fully understand what Apple’s new search API means for SEO and its impact on deep app content for iOS users. Here is the beginning of the learning process to better understand Apple Search and how it could change the game in SEO.


[Infographic] 10 Ways to Improve Email Open Rates

We know email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels. In fact, it’s up to 20 times more effective than other marketing outlets. If you’re looking for some tips on how to enhance your email marketing strategies, here are 10 ways you can push the e-Envelope.


[Infographic] What Marketing Can Learn from Hollywood

The movie business knows how to promote their films. Millions of people flock to theaters to see the latest flicks and it’s no accident. Behind each blockbuster movie is a marketing machine. So what lessons can marketing professionals learn from Hollywood movies? Find out here.  


Guide to SlideShare

Give a great presentation, post it to SlideShare. That could be the new mantra of marketing professionals. Presentations are great pieces of content and they deserve to be shared. Here’s why you should consider using SlideShare.


The Life of a Social Media Community Manager

Working in social media isn’t always fun and games. The life of a community manager is often hectic and requires a well-rounded skillset to be successful. Here are nine necessary skills community mangers must possess to be winners at their job.